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try changing the map sensor, that was the problem on mine.

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Why is your 1996 Chevy beretta not shifting from first gear?

First, check transmission fluid levels, but typically once you loose a full gear, if the fluids topped off, your looking at a transmission rebuild.

What causes a hard shifting automatic transmission?

Can be old fluids. You should change it every 50,000. -ALL of it, not just the pan. It could have a broken or stuck accumulator.

What is atf fluid?

ATF fluid is automatic transmission fluid. It is used in vehicles that have automatic or self shifting transmissions. To distinguish it from other engine fluids, it is usually red or green.

Why is the car not shifting gears as quick as it used too?

Your car may need an oil change, tuneup, better fuel (premium, or transmission, also your car may need a fluids check

Do Camry's have transmission fluids?


How do you check transmission fluid on 2002 alero?

how do you check transmission fluids

What body fluids are thought to be involved in the transmission of HIV?

Blood, milk, and rectal, seminal and vaginal fluids are thought to be involved in the transmission of HIV. Cerebral, fetal, joint, and spinal fluids also may be transmittors.

What color is automatic transmission fluid?

Most automatic transmission fluids are of red color (when original and unused). This is true for Dexron, Mercon and Type F fluids specifically.

What kind of power steering fluid goes in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

It is important to use the right types of fluids in a car. A 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier uses GM Power Steering Fluid or alternative fluids that meet GM specification GM9985010.

How do you get hep b?

transmission of bodily fluids, or in cases of high viral loads, contact with bodily fluids with materials that have been in contact with bodily fluids

Can you get HIV from analingus?

As long as there is no Transmission of bodily fluids, then it is safe.

Does transmission fluids leak due to over heating radiator?


How do you check transmission fluids in Mercedes 1999 ml430?


How do you change the transmission filter in a 1999 Honda Accord?

I had my fluids changed in my transmission, and they told me the filter was internal....and they did not replace it!

How do you know if your transmission is good?

easy if you add fluid get transmission serviced filter and fluids changed and bands checked

What type of transmission fluid used in 2001 dodge stratus?

Most automatic transmission fluids are affective in a 2001 Dodge Stratus. Valvoline and Red Line synthetic fluids are often recommended brands.

What type of transmissin fluid do you use in a 5 speed chevey cavalier z24?

Use Dextron II transmission fluid in it or Dextron IIE don't try to use anything else you will regret it if you do. Transmission fluids are manufacturer/transmission specific specific. If you use the wrong type or kind you could ruin the transmission permanently especially and older transmission like yours.Look in your owners manual or on the dipstick, or call a local GM shop to know for sure.

Is there such a thing as special transmission fluid for a 1995 Ford Taurus?

Ford and GM have different transmission fluids. Ford uses Type FA. Many types are universal. See "Related Questions" below for more specifics about Ford product transmission fluids

Is it correct to change transmission fluids and air condition fluids on a 2004 Corolla with 100000 miles your husband thinks you do not have to change them?

Yes, your fluids should be flushed every so often.

What type of transmission fluid does a Saturn sc2 2002 use?

When adding fluids to the car it is important to add the right type of fluids. A 2002 Saturn sc2 uses Dexron-III/Mercon transmission fluid.

What practice assumes that all blood and certain body fluids pose a risk for transmission of HIV?

The practice known as universal precautions makes the assumption that those bodily fluids pose a risk for transmission of HIV.

Should you ever check the transmission fluid in a manual transmission?

Yes. I check all fluids at each oil change

Your truck wont go in drive only reverse and drive low is it the whole transmission?

You are probably low on transmission fluids

What is causing my automatic transmission to slip it will run but when its warmed up it will slip?

Many transmissions have fluids that are cooled using the same process that your engine fluids use - the radiator system. Transmission fluid is special in many ways. When you first start your car, the fluid is not yet warm. Many transmission systems share the cooling system with your car, so if it is running hot, your transmission fluid will suffer. It could also simply be that your transmission is low in fluids. In any case, your fluids are probably the source of the problem. Whether low or just getting hot for one reason or another. They need to be replaced and the transmission fluid and cooling systems need to be checked. This usually means that the fluids, filters, seals and possibly other components inside the transmission need to be replaced.

How many Transmission fluids will take in ford explorer 1991?

About 10 quarts