2001 Olds Intrigue have had the secondary air injection pump replaced 3 times code-410 Check light still comes on now they say the secondary air shutoff valves need to be replaced. Where located?

It's behind the drivers side headlight.

Remove the right/drivers side headlamp. There are two white clips holding the headlight assembly in. Once removed you need to unplug the headlamp connectors. Now the headlight is out of the way.

For ease it's a good idea to start the car and turn the wheel all the way to the left and then turn the car off. This will allow you to get to the 4 screws and one 6 MM bolt that hold the front part of the plastic cover/shroud under the fender. Remove two screws directly underneath the bumper outter edge and the two ascending from the front going up. The 6mm bolt is in the inner portion of the fender shroud. Now you can pull the plastic cover out a little ways to have full access to the air injection pump.

It can be removed by unbolting the 3 10mm bolts and then removing the lower hose facing the front of the car as it has no clamp on it.

The connector was a little hard for me to figure out. I removed the light gray insert first as it looked like it was a lock of some sorts. Once that was removed I was able to press the connector to remove the clamp and pull the electrial connector off.

The pump should be almost free. The other clamp with the hose I was able to pull off with the clamp still on it. You need a special tool as it is one of those crimped clamps. I was able to force it back on upon installation. It is probably a good idea to remove the clamp and get a regular hose clamp for what it's worth.

I tried taking the pump apart and clean it to get it to come to life. I think once it's dead it's dead. The design doesn't seem right to be made in two separate pieces. I'm not sure of the logic of this but it would appear to be a better idea to have a completely sealed unit as dirt and water abound in the pump.