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2001 Pontiac aztek tail light fuse i have no turn lights and no hazards and no brake lights the fuse box does not say what does what and i don't have the manual?


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2007-08-07 20:48:00
2007-08-07 20:48:00

Inspect all fuses and replace blown ones May be separate circuits (multiple fuses)

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Pontiac Aztek was created in 2001.

There are several companies which produce repair manuals for a 2001 Pontiac Aztek. Haynes, Chilton, and the original manufacturer all have service manuals produced for the vehicle.

Find the Haynes repair manual for the vehicle at AutoZone. They have complete wiring diagrams in them.

You would have to find the workshop manual. Many large libraries carry them.

Where is the fuel shut off on 2002 aztek

In my 02 Aztek, I turn the headlight knob (on the dash left of the steering wheel, above your left knee) clockwise to get the interior lights to come on.

It depends on if you have the Driver information center or not the owners manual will let you know or most dealerships will do it for you no charge

if u are just lookin for fuse location... it's in the owners manual... if u're lookin for a manual.. goto the there's manuals in the "files" section

where do i find the low side service port on a aztek

The Pontiac Aztek has a chain which will last the life of the engine and should never need replacing until the engine is overhauled.

Try Ebay. I typed in Pontiac Aztek nd all kinds of parts and books for different years come up. Hope this helps

Ebay. Type in the Pontiac Aztek and all the parts and accessories that everyone have for sale pop up. I bought my console cooler off of Ebay.

I dont belive the aztek has one think only fords have those

It is a Pontiac Aztek. Light a match and get some marshmallows.

Removing the serpentine belt on a Pontiac Aztek requires loosening the adjustment pulley. Once the pulley is loose the serpentine will have enough slack to come off.

Your Aztek heater core is dead center of the car behind the dash/floor console.

The alternator on a Pontiac Aztek is replaced by removing the engine accessories, loosening the serpentine belt, and removing the retaining bolts. The alternator can then be pulled from its retaining bracket and a new one installed.

front or back? 2wd or awd? what year?

18 gallons found at

Normally it means the alternator is defective.

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