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If you've re-set the light and it keeps coming on, it means that the computer is still throwing codes, as they say. Take it to AutoZone or Checker or the like, and have them read the code that's being thrown and tell you what they mean. Evidently, something is amiss and needs attention. FriPilot

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When is the will read after death?

There is no 'reading of the will' dispite all the movie hype.

How do you spell despite or dispite?

Despite - which means in spite of or notwithstanding

What is an example of a sentence with despite?

Dispite you are older than me you aren't stronger than me.

Can Rhino beetles fly?

yes it but dispite the size it would be harder to fly then others

Cheats for gt4?

Sadly no cheats can be made for gt4 dispite many attempts of boffs

Which country does the Great Dane come from?

Dispite their name, Great Danes originated in Germany.

When to dim high beams?

Dispite when it's sunny out...When others cars pass. It's polite.

Why did people dispite jesus?

because he came and said that he was hte son of god and they didnt wanna believe

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit in a 1989 240sx?

Dispite the different motors the transmissions are infact the same.

What is the clydesdale horse behavior?

Clydesdales have a very gentle temperament dispite there size. There personality is intellegent and strong-willed.

What percentage of US uses solar power?

Dispite what liberals think probably less than .03 percent!

Dispite being the world's largest country Russia lacks many resources essential for industial development?

That would be false.

Why is an atom neutral dispite having charged partricals?

The charge of the protons is exactly opposite to the charge of the same number of electrons.

At a royal banquet Macbeth sees ghost sitting in this chair disrupting the ceremonies dispite efforts to control the situation?

This is not a question.

Is lord Capulet guilty?

As far as leading toward the death of his daughter is concerned, he assisted in her death dispite being rather indirect.

How can you use appetite in a sentence?

He no longer had the appetite to continue the campaign. Dispite being very hungry, she did not have the appetite to eat anything on the table.

Why did Carolina split into North Carolina and South Carolina?

Because of general cultural differences and there was a dispite with the Proprietors (guys who owned the state)

Who won the New Hampshire Primary?

Hillary Clinton won dispite predictions that she would lose to Barack Obama. John McCain also defeated Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton won dispite predictions that she would lose to Barack Obama. John McCain also defeated Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.

Who is better Chelsea or dagenham and redbridge?

Chelsea by loads even dispite there 5-0 loss against dagenham and redbrigde in 2007-08

How does the movie Shrek interpret that beauty is only skin-deep?

By showing that Fiona and Shrek fell in love dispite the fact he is a well, ogre

Is Sidney Crosby dating anyone?

Dispite the blonde he's been seen with, he's believed to be single, loving it, and dating many people, but nothing serious.

Is bitchslap a bad word since it's a verb?

Bad words are still bads words dispite being verbs. For instance the F word is a verb.

Are cockers spaniels colour blind?

no. dispite what some myths say (ex, they can only see in black or white) dogs are capable of seeing some colors.

Life span of a groundhog?

They usually die before even one year old of causes that are unnatural, but dispite that they have a life span of 3-4 years

Who was the worlds greatest bicyclist?

I would have to say Lance Armstrong, because of his battle with cancer, and dispite this he recovered and came back to win the tour de France !