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Mine did the same thing and then fixed its self; only to lose power when I hit the gas. I had a friend tell me it’s a vacuum hose that has slipped off (most likely). Hope that helps....should be a cheap fix with and honest mechanic.

2007-07-20 02:24:01
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Q: 2001 VW Cabrio 35000 miles what would cause it to shut down while driving turning at a light and during acceleration into the turn it just completely shut down the ac radio on restarted immediately?
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I had the same problem. It would stall out after coasting down a hill. Cleaned the throttle body about six months ago. Has not stalled since then.

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Could be a number of things short in a wire temp gage up too high ask your nearest mechanic

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replace the cam position sensor.also if this happens agin, while driving, put vehicle into neutral and start engine while the time you have restarted engine, you will usually have slowed down enough to reengage transmission with out stopping

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