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lol. went through a lot with this one, huh? how about your dpfe sensor? did you replace it? It would cause all of that. Did you thoughougly clean out your egr passageways inside the throttle body? Did you check for clogged hoses (both the red and green facory hoses tend to get clogs in those 90 degree turns they make to navigate the engine parts)

Good luck, sounds like you know what you are doing, though.


2008-06-16 18:01:08
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2001 ford explorer sport Fault code p0401 insufficent flow detected keeps coming up you have replaced the EGR valve did not hold vacume and the vacume regulator you also took off the throttle body?

DPFE sensor

Can an internal voltage regulator be replaced on a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee or does the alternator have to be replaced?

The regulator is in the engine computer not the alternator.

Where is the regulator on e320?

The voltage regulator is attached to the vehicles alternator. It can be replaced as a separate unit.

The charging lamp lights up in your 1992 ford explorer you have replaced the alternator and it still isn't charging you also replaced the starter relay and still the system is not charging?

Some Ford models had a external voltage regulator. If yours does, replace it.

Why don't a rear passenger window work after its regulator has been replace?

If it worked before the regulator was replaced, something was done incorrectly. If it didn't work before the regulator was replaced, the electric motor, switch or wiring may be at fault.

How do you fix 1989 dodge daytona voltage regulator?

The regulator is in the engine computer, and if failed the computer will need replaced.

Where is voltage regulator on a Hyundai Tucson?

The voltage regulator for a Hyundai Tuscan is on the back of the alternator. It is bolted on and can be replaced separately.

How replace alternator regulator 2004 Dodge Intrepid?

The voltage regulator is part of the engine computer. That will have to be replaced by the dealer.

How do you replace the electric window regulator in a 1999 Camry?

The panel where the regulator is detachable. You will be able to remove it very easily. When you remove the panel you will see the way how the regulator can be replaced.

What needs to be replaced when a diode ripple is not detected?

replace the diode

How do you fix passenger side window cable on a 2003 jeep?

If the window regulator cable has failed, the entire regulator will have to be replaced.

How do you repair a voltage regulator on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

The regulator is part of the engine computer. The engine computer needs replaced.

Why would the alternator over charge in a 1986 ford F250 I have replaced the alt. and the voltage regulator?

defective voltage regulator

Where is the voltage regulator on 2005 Saturn Relay?

The Voltage regulator in incorporated in the alternator. It must be replaced as a whole. Mobiletec Small Engine Service!

What do you need to do to get your 84'Chrysler to start?

I replaced the voltage regulator, and that did the trick.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1993 Ford Escort?

The voltage regulator on all Escorts is inside the alternator. It is an integral part of the alternator and the alternator has to be replaced to fix it.

How do you replaced the rear window regulator on 04 new beetle convertible?

With great difficulty

Replaced the battery on your 2000 ford explorer and the battery light is still on could it be your alternator?

Most likely the problem is your alternator....the battery light actually does not monitor battery condition, only the charging system. I'd check the voltage regulator and the fuses first. The fuses are the cheapest fix and the voltage regulator will run about 25% less than an alternator.

Change window regulator on 1997 Honda civic?

To change the window regulator on a 1997 Honda Civic the door panel will need to be removed. Once removed the regulator will be visible and can be replaced by taking off the mounting hardware.

What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer?

we recently replaced our transmission on a 2002 explorer for $2400

Why was Dora the Explorer cancelled?

The show was replaced with Dora and Friends in 2012.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1991 Honda accord ex manual?

The voltage regulator for a 1991 Honda accord is mounted on the rear of the alternator. It is bolted on and can be replaced as a separate unit.

Where is the voltage regulator on infinity g20 2000?

The voltage regulator is located, or integrated inside the alternator,and must be replaced as a unit, unless you can find an electrical auto shop that can rebuild it for you.

You have replaced your starter alternator battery and battery cables on your Saturn why is it still losing power?

Voltage Regulator?

Would a faulty alternator cause the electrical system to pulsate on a 1996 Honda civic lx?

The voltage regulator in the alternator can cause issues like this when they start to go bad. The voltage regulator is an integrated part of the alternator and cannot be replaced, if it is bad, the entire alternator must be replaced.