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Are you losing coolant? Any check engine light? Has the weather been damp when problem occurs?

No coolant loss or check engine light. We have had a lot of moisture this year. I am kind of leaning towards spark plug wires right now, but still not sure.

Wires sound like a good bet. For the heck of it pull off the oil cap and look for a yellowish substance on it. Post what it looks like.

I have a 2002 with the same problems. Diagnosed with no codes. My mechanic told me to try and replace the fuel filter.

I had the same problem with my 2002 grand am gt and it turned out to be a broken cadalic converter. So, I would check that it might be under warranty it was on mine

My 2002 GT just started doing that. It isn't the coolant problem related to the lousy intake gaskets, I know that. I am willing to believe that it could be the cc. It may be time for a tune-up in my case, my car just hit 90K.

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Q: 2001 grand am gt with the 34 liter v6 car has been surging or stuttering on light acceleration between 35 and 50Tried fuel injection cleaner didn't help changed the plugs and it helped for a week?
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