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Could be the rear bearings, brake shoes, brake pads and of course, the suspension. It might help to jack the vehicle up and spin each wheel by hand.

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If your car makes a low pitched rubbing noise around sharp corners such as in a parking lot what could be the cause?

Hey Bo==It depends on what you are driving. Evidentally the tire is rubbing something like maybe a splash shield in the wheel opening. Stop the car when it starts making the noise and don't streighten the wheels and get out and see what is rubbing. Good luckJoe It's your steering pump loose belt or low on fluid.

What causes a rubbing sound when driving a car The sound does not happen when you turn the steering wheel to the left only to the right When driving straight not rub too bad. Tires are correct size.?

you may have a low tire or your tires are to big

What can be causing the rubbing squeaking noise when turning the steering wheer 03 santa fe?

check your power steering fluid

What if moving the steering wheel side to side with the car off causes a rubbing noise?

You may not have enough steering fluid?

What could cause a loud hissing sound from the front passenger side when the steering wheel is turned to the hard right after backing out then begin driving?

The passenger side front tire may be rubbing on the inner fender.

What are the symptoms associated with problems with wheel bearings?

It will feel like something is rubbing, typically felt in the gas and brake pedals. It will sometimes grind and pull the steering wheel. Good luck

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What would cause a constant 'tick tick tick' when driving Ticking speed goes up and down with vehicle speed Goes away or sound changes when braking and No vibration or steering pull?

If the vehicle has hubcaps remove them and see if the noise stops. Check the brakes as well, something on the wheels is rubbing.

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2002 Malibu What would cause burning smell after horn stuck Horn no longer works Stuck while driving and could not stop to disconnect fuse?

You probably have a build up of contaminated grease in you steering wheel column. You have to open up the panel under the steering wheel to take out the pieces to clean the grease off with rubbing alcohol or something of the sort. The grease are creating a bridge and causing a short. That is why you smell the burning.

What would cause your geo prism to make a heavy rubbing noise while driving?

need to know what causes my car to make a heavy noise when driving. i have changed both front bearings but have discovered the noise still exist. Could it be a problem with the drive axlel?

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Why is my Chevy silverado making a rubbing sound when I turn the steering wheel?

if u put wider aftermarket tires on then the tires are rubbing on the fender wheel well if you are refering to in/at the actual steering wheel, then some grinding noise is normal. it's possible the electrical contacts for airbag/cruise/radio controls, whatever you have on the steering wheel are making some grinding noise.

Why after replacing the front brakes of a 1997 Chrysler Sebring would there be a clicking sound when braking and a faint rubbing sound while driving?

Something is wrong. Take them apart and see what happened and why. Possibly one of the metal shims slipped out of place during the install. Don't keep driving knowing something isn't right with the brakes.

What would cause a 1998 Ford ZX2 to make a loud rubbing noise when turning?

Power Steering Fluid Low.

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Why would your 2004 Chrysler Pacifica make a rubbing noise in the steering when you make a right hand turn?

Take it to a garage they will usually diagnose it for free if they are not busy. However, it could be broken suspension and steering parts.

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