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i had the same problem and it was the crank sensor. Have it scanned it should put out a code letting u know. I HAD THE SAME THING JUST HAD MY CAM SHAFT MY CRANK. SHAFT sensors put in along with transmission something and something emissions control valve and so far its doing great

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How long does it take to install iTunes on a computer?

The amount of time it takes to install iTunes on a computer depends on how fast the computer is running. Some computers only takes a few minutes and others can be over ten minutes.

Which of transistor circuit is stable?

astable multivibrator type transistor is free running it has greater stablity . it can be varied by resistor and capacitor value

Which device will allow your computer to keep running for a few minutes after a power outage?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

If your computer is running Mac OS its a what computer?

A computer running Mac OS will be an Apple Macintosh computer.

How many minutes in a kilometre when running?

If I'm running it takes about 45 minutes to go a kilometer :)

How many calories burned running for 90 minutes?

You can burn as many as 300 calories for running 90 minutes. This is if you are running at an average intensity.

What is the computer software used for?

running the computer.

What is the application of TTL in integrated circuits?

Transistor transistor logic is one type of many different types of bipolar transistor based digital logic circuitry. It is very efficiently implemented in integrated circuit chips, needs only one power supply voltage, and operates at reasonably high speeds. Transistor transistor logic was first developed in the middle 1960s as a modification of the diode transistor logic, then in use in some digital logic integrated circuit chips but dating back to the earliest discrete bipolar transistor logic developed in the late 1950s and derived from vacuum tube point contact diode logic used in many early first generation computers. Transistor transistor logic integrated circuits dominated the computer and electronic digital controller market from the late 1960s until the middle 1980s, when metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor based microprocessors and microcontrollers began to replace it. By the early 1990s transistor transistor logic and other bipolar transistor based digital logic integrated circuits had been replaced with equivalent complementary metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor integrated circuits that were both faster and consumed less power (thus running much cooler) or with programmable logic devices of various types. In general transistor transistor logic is now considered obsolete.

Hoe may calories burns in running for 15 minutes?

150 calories are burnt while running for 15 minutes.

How fast do you have to run to do a mile in 9 minutes?

Running one mile in nine minutes is running at 6.66 miles per hour.

What is a computer error?

A computer error is a problem your computer experience is running files and processing information. Errors are commonly caused by corrupted files in the computer registry. Running a registry cleaner for Windows registry repair will help prevent errors and keep your computer running fast.

What is computer crisis?

they are problem that affect the smooth running of the computer

How fast are you running if you do 1 mile in 2 minutes?

you would be running 120mph

What is faster swimming or running?

Running is faster. You can run a mile in about 5-8 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to swim a fast mile.

When a computer is started the operating system does memory stay running?

If the computer is running, the memory (RAM) almost assuredly is as well.

What contains events generated by specific programs running on the computer?

contains events generated by specific programs running on the computer

How many minutes is Rango?

Rango has a running time of 107 minutes. (One hour and 47 minutes.)

How many minutes is it when you running 3.5 mph in 5 miles?

85.7 minutes.

Show you computer as a noun in a sentence?

The computer was not running quickly. I bought a new computer.

What is an integrated accounting software?

An integrated accounting system is one that works along with your computers operating system. Easily installed into your computer, it can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

When a computer is running multiple programs the applications running but not currently in use are in the foreground?

Programs that are running but not in use are running in the "background."

When does it start to get cold?

After about 30 minutes of not running.

What is a computer that a program is running on?


When was the first computer successfully made and running?

Atanasoff- Berry Computer.

Will a computer work with no video card?

It would depend on the computer, but most are capable of running without a graphics card (running "headless").

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