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i have the same thing but i get the sound at low speeds. once the car hits 20 mph or so, the sound goes away. i just had three valves replaced at the shop as the check engine light popped on and now that the new valves are in, i have this noise. shop owner claims that this is normal and is the sound of the fuel injector working... not sure that i believe his reply. any thoughts?

2007-10-17 22:02:06
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Why does the heater behind the dashboard make a clicking noise when the heater is turned on?

AnswerIf it's a rapid clicking sound that becomes more rapid when the fan is turned up high, you probably have a foreign object like a leaf stuck in the blower.It sounds like your Air door actuator or temperature actuator

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They CAN be, as gas charge becomes depleted.

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What does a clicking sound near the front end of a Hyundai Sonata indicate?

A clicking sound coming from the front end indicates there is something wrong with the axle on that side of the front end and that it might fail. When the clicking sound becomes very audible, have the axle checked. It might cost about $250 to replace the axle. The "axle" is not the type of axle that goes all the way across the car from one wheel to the other. It is only a joint between the front wheel on that side and the steering mechanism.

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There is a clicking sound right before the green S light on the dashboard becomes lit. What does this mean in reference to my 1990 Honda Accord?

If you selected "Sports' mode, the clicking is normal. It's just a relay that's engaging as part of the transmission changing modes. If you didn't select this mode then you may have problems. The TCU (Transmission control unit) will illuminate the "S" light and possibly lock in third gear in response to an error condition. The error condition can be read by following a simple procedure. To find out more about this, enter "1990 Honda Accord S light on" or some similar terminology into an internet search engine.

Does Mazda 3 timing chain need replacing?

The timing chain only needs to be replaced if it becomes loose (You would hear a clicking noise under the hood when the engine is running) have that noise inspected right away if you hear it and it may need a timing chain. But not for a very very long time. Around 150,000-200,000 miles most likely.

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