2002 CLK 430 Does anyone know what might be wrong if steering shakes at 65 to 70 all the time did aligment and balance several times?

This is typical behavior if you hve the stock Continentals delivered on the CLK 430. Because of the difference in Tire Size (front to back) it will shake if you tires are correctly balance. Walters in Riverside kept telling me that I had a bent rim. then they had their tech balance the wheels on their 30K machine. that didnt work either. I went to a tire shop with people who knew what they were doing and for $70 I had the tires balance professionaly. Better yet, if your in a sunny climate, Goodyear Eagles speed rated for Z are quieter and the car is very stable at high speed. Dump the continentals first chance

You could either have a bad tire, bent wheel. Or a suspension problem. Who is doing your alignments? Have a mbz dealer do a 'performance' tire balance for you.


I just went through this with a clk320. Alignment/ Balance didn't help. I replaced both front tires, and it now drives smooth as silk.