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I was able to get this from internet .I hope it helps. Has to do with right positioning of the regulator and the motor. Many mechanics do not know this.

I had the same problem on my 2001 ES300: When I use auto to roll the passenger window all the way up it goes up and then down to about half position.

I tried the method of holding the button down for a while than up while holding for a minute to try the easy reset. That did not work for me.

I used the procedure in the PDF and that did work for me. The write up is not easy to understand, so here it is what I did based on my understanding of the write up...

1. Roll the window down, below half way, so that you can unbolt the nuts from the glass and the two plastic stops on either side bottom (use a sharpie to mark exact position of nuts stud to glass so you can mount in the same position). Remove the glass. Unbolt the regulator (both nuts on top and the nylon nuts on the bottom). Leave in the door but slide a bit over to the right to make room. Unbolt the motor and undo the wire harness. Move the motor to the right so you can get to it through the large metal panel opening in the door (you have to remove the 4 or 5 screws). Unscrew the two small screws holding the sheet metal cover of the regulator gear/pulley to the motor. Carefully remove the pulley from the motor. Reattach the wire harness to the motor and activate the motor for 5 seconds in the up position. Align the square of the motor to the regulator gear/pulley. Replace the two small screws and reattach the motor and the regulator. Then reinstall the glass. In manual mode open and close the window a few times. Then try automatic. Worked like a charm for me.

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Q: 2002 ES300 driver's window goes up at full speed hit top and comes down halfway?
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