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2002 Hyundai Accent 1.5L-how do you change the Serpentine belt-how do you relieve the tensioner pulley?



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Well, I answered this one myself. The tensioner pulley is not a standard spring loaded tension, it is a manual tension. To loosen the tensioner pulley, you have to loosen the bolt that adjusts the pulley. *THIS IS NOT THE BOLT ON THE PULLEY ITSELF* If you lay on your back next to the front passenger side tire, head toward the rear of the car, look just past the side of the tire to the tensioner pulley itself (it sits just in front of the a/c compressor). Now imagine a line from the center of the pulley to about 2-2.5" behind(toward the engine) the pulley. Now look just below where that line would end, there should be a 12mm bolt head pointing downward sitting about .25" away from the bracket. This is what adjusts the pulley up and down. To lower the pulley(loosen), just use a 12mm wrench(you shouldn't need much force) and lefty-loosy, righty-tighty applies here (rotate counter-clockwise to loosen). It will take quite a few turns to lower it enough to pull the belt off, but that should be it. If not the pulley itself does come off if you have to, however, I do not recommend removing it if you don't have to (it's a b!tch to put back on with a belt there-I know from experience, trust me) it's just a 14mm socket and watch out for the parts to fall, ie: nut, large washer, pulley, large washer, spacer (have fun putting all of them back on with one hand and a belt there!). Ok, the belt comes off, the new belt goes on, with a little work, then tighten the tensioner back up, (righty-tighty, but be careful to not over tighten or you could strip the tension bolt). Now have fun putting that power steering pump belt back on if it's a new one!