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Then the "dealership" will need to figure it out. If they have replaced EVERYTHING and it's still not running correctly then they did it wrong. They need to make it right so take it back to them and have it re-checked. It sounds like a pre-stroke and or rack sensor issue which is internal to the injection pump and it will need to be removed and calibrated and freshened up. Not many things make the engine light illuminate on the older 2002 mechanical injection pump fuel system. In my experience of 10+ yrs its usually always the pre-stroke or rack sensor of the injection pump. Hope this helps. Oh ya and check your timing that will also so that symptom.

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Q: 2002 Isuzu will turnover fine but won't start when you do get it started it will sputter and the check engine will flash just got a brand new engine from warranty the dealership has replaced everythin?
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