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Determine when the squeaky noise is present. If it makes the noise only when the brakes are apllied then it probably is the brakes, machining the rotors may be necessary (if brake pads were installed but rotors not turned/machined). If it only makes noise over bumps then it could be in the suspension, maybe a strut or mount. If it only squeaks when turning the steering wheel it could be in the steering rack-n -pinion or tie rod ends. It may be necessary to use electronic chassis ears to pin point the source of the noise if nothing is found by a mechanic during a visual inspection on a vehicle lift.

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βˆ™ 2007-12-27 12:38:26
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Q: 2002 Jetta and it makes squeaky noises most of the time and I do not know what it is because I just recently got new breaks and the noises sound totally different what could it be?
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