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2002 Mercedes Benz CL500 15200 miles Question- Car starts foot brake engaged automatic gear shift lever locked won't budge?

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The most likely cause is the brake light switch has failed check if the brake lights are working.

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Keys are locked in the trunk of mercedes c200 2010?

The only way to remove the keys locked in a Mercedes C200 2010 is to take the backseat out or call a locksmith.

What does HOLD mean on the screen for an automatic Bongo?

you can call it a locked mode.

How do you pop the trunk of a 1998 280c Mercedes when it is locked and the battery is dead?


Locked in diapers?

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If you locked the keys to your 2002 Mercedes C240 in your gastank which locks if the car is locked will you be able to get your keys from the gastank if the car is unlocked by a locksmith?

On to of the fridgerator where you left them stupid!

Open the fuel door on Mercedes sl 500?

Fuel door is locked when car locked, push on the forward part of door, the aft side will pop out.

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Keys locked in Mercedes 500 how to open?

Unfortunately I know the answer to this, contact dealership and order another key.

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Mercedes clk top won't go down?

make sure the luggage guard is locked in place in the trunk

Why would your 1983 300d Mercedes be stuck in the locked position on the ignition?

Check my answer for 1985 380se with the same problem. Steven

How do Mercedes Benz 300ce front seats lock?

it works on the vacuum of the engine; when you reach a certain speed the seats will be locked

How do you open gas tank door on 1995 Mercedes C280?

You just push on it to open it. If the car is locked, the gas door will be locked also. The car needs to be unlocked in order to open the gas filler door.

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What keeps the hubs locked in 4 wheel drive?

i believe its a automatic friction lock if u don't have manual locking hubs

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How to open gas cover Mercedes?

The gas cover is sometimes locked when the trunk locks. Therefore, unlock the trunk and the gas cover will be unlocked..

How can a person break into their trunk of a 1996 Mercedes c280 with the keys locked in it?

get into the passenger part of the car and then remove the rear seats or call the AA

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