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Well I just hit 285,000 Miles on my Saturn SL1... That's with the original Engine and Transmission. Changed the OIL every 3,000 miles and the Transmission was changed every 50,000 miles. Just put some new COOPER tires on it. Still runs like new......

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โˆ™ 2012-01-22 16:23:52
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Q: 2002 Saturn SL1 can last how many miles?
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How many miles can you put on a 2001 Saturn SC2?

i have a 1997 Saturn sc2 410xxx miles my friend is at 560xxx on his sl1 if you treat a Saturn well it will last a lifetime if you don't you will cry

How many miles to the gallon do Saturn ions get?

I got 36 last fill up.

How many miles will the 4-cylinder Saturn engine last?

A 4-cylinder Saturn engine will typically last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles with proper maintenance. It can be further extended through a major overhaul.

How many miles should a Saturn 1993 SL2 ac last?

I drove my 1995 Saturn sl2 until it had 263,000 miles on it. At that time, the transmission started to slip. I then gave it to a friend, to buy a newer Saturn sl1.

How many aphelion miles is Saturn?

at alphion saturn is 1,513,325,783 km (940,337,046 miles)

How many miles across is saturn?

The average diameter of Saturn is 71,229 miles and the equatorial circumference of Saturn is 235,300 miles. The surface temperature of Saturn is -218 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many miles is earth from Saturn?

The distance between Earth and Saturn is 932 million miles. The circumference of the planet Saturn is 235,300 miles at its equator.

How many miles is Saturn's diameter?

Saturn's diameter at its equator is about 74,900 miles(120,540 kilometers).

How many miles away from Earth to Saturn?

From Earth to Saturn its approximately 170,000,000 miles away.

How many square miles is Saturn?

Planet Saturn has a surface area of 16.49 billion square miles.

How many miles is Saturn from Earth?

About 746 million miles.

How many highway miles can the 2002 Saturn series L 300 be expected to perform well?

With proper maintenance probably 200,000

How many miles can you expect from a Saturn?

It all depends on how well the vehicle was maintained. With proper oil changes, and if the vehicle is driven SANELY, a Saturn can last for well over 200,000 miles, and even as far as 300,000 or more.

How many miles is between Jupiter and Saturn?

20 million miles (about)

How many miles is it from Saturn from the sun?

900 million

How many miles is it between Saturn and the Sun?

1,429,400,000 km or 888,187,982 miles.

How many miles is Saturn's orbit?

As it revolves around the Sun, Saturn averages about 887.22 million miles from it. The circumference of a circle that size is about 5.575 billion miles.

How many miles is Saturn from Neptune?

The planet Saturn is 1,907,453,168 miles from Neptune, or 3,069,748,313 kilometers. This can also be written as 20.52 astronomical units.

How many miles is Saturn in size?

120,660 km in diameter

Evety how many miles change transmission oil echo 2002?

Transmission fluid will last roughly 70,000-80,000 miles so anywhere in there.

How many miles before the timing belt has to be replaced in 2002 Lincoln ls with 160000 miles?

It has a timing chain. Should last the life of the car.

How many gallons can a 2002 Saturn SL fuel tank hold?

The 2002 Saturn SL1 can hold up to 12.1 gallons (US) or 45.8 L (metric).

How many miles is Jupiter from Saturn?

The distance between the planets Jupiter and Saturn are 403,428,204 miles, or 649,254,760 kilometers. This can also be written as 4.34 astronomical units.

How many miles thick are Saturn's Rings?

about hundred yard thick

How many miles and kilometers is Saturn from Earth?

At its closest distance to Earth, Saturn is 1.2 billion km (746 million miles) away. Source: