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Your catalytic converter is plugged up. That's why it smells like rotten eggs. The best fix is a new catalytic converter. The stuff you're talking about cleans your cat. converter out but may or may not stop the smell. note: You need to find out why your converter is getting plugged up. Usually the cause is you car engine running too rich.

2006-09-12 01:23:47
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How do you prevent and treat ectopic pregnancy?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent ectopic pregnancies. Treatment is to remove the foetus from the Fallopian tubes immediately. It can be life threatening.

Why is early diagnosis for HIV infection important?

to prevent the spread of HIV and to begin treatment as soon as possible

What are some possible treatments for down syndrome?

no treatment just prevent it by getting a baby before da age of thirthy

How do you prevent Dysmenorrhea?

According to research, Zinc treatment can prevent Dysmenorrhea.

What are the possible solutions to prevent jaguars extinction?

what are the possible solutions to prevent jaguars extinction?

Treatment for what disorders in infants can prevent retardation?

Newborn screening and immediate treatment for PKU and hyperthyroidism can usually catch these disorders early enough to prevent retardation.

What is the fastest scabies treatment?

The fastest scabies treatment are to use the calamine lotion to prevent scratching when the itch comes along. They will prevent the rapid spreading and contamination.

Is it safe to drive a car with a loose battery cable?

No, tighten it to prevent sparks and a possible fire.No, tighten it to prevent sparks and a possible fire.

What is the treatment of malaria?

there is no actual treatment at this point, however medicine can be taken to prevent malaria from occurring

What are the contraindications that would restrict a manicure treatment?

10 contra indercation that would prevent the treatment

What is the treatment for anal cancer?

Prevent it from HPV and HIP

How is schizoaffective disorder prevented?

There is no known way to prevent schizoaffective disorder. Treatment with antipsychotic and mood stabilizing drugs may prevent recurrences. Some researchers believe prompt treatment can prevent the development of full-blown schizophrenia.

Can a person who has a herpes simplex receive a skin care treatment?

Depends on where the skin care treatment is being done and if the treatment uses lasers or exfoliation methods. If it's being done any where around the mouth or genitals then it's possible that this treatment could trigger a beak out. You may want to take some antiviral medication before you get the treatment to help prevent break outs.

How do you prevent post op ileus?

Drink lots of water, and get up and move around as soon after surgery as possible. These are the top two that are suggested after surgery. Second day, mild ileus, what is best position to sleep?

Why was Germany and Berlin divide after World War 2?

In an attempt to prevent a possible future apocalypse that they just forced an end to. To prevent Germany from possibly again becoming a country led by a mad tyrant.

How do you adopt a child from Cambodia?

Currently, adoption from Cambodia is not possible. The country has halted adoptions to prevent it being used as a guise for human trafficking.

What is the treatment for porencephaly?

Treatment includes physical therapy for rigidity, spasticity , or movement difficulties and medication to prevent seizures

Which medication is used to prevent gonorrhea?

There aren't medications used to prevent gonorrhea. The preferred treatment for gonorrhea is ceftraixone.

Which is the best treatment to prevent a cut from becoming infected?

Disinfectant :P

Can antibiotics prevent HIV?

No they can neither prevent or cure HIV. There is no cure and treatment is done with anti-retrovirals as its a virus not a bacteria.

Is washing your hair the best way to prevent head lice?

No using hair treatment is the best way to prevent lice.

How do you prevent disease?

You can not really prevent disease in general. However:- It is possible to prevent specific diseases (eg smallpox) by implementing a worldwide program of vaccination. It is possible to build sewage systems that prevent contamination of drinking water. It is possible to teach people about personal hygiene and a healthy life style. It is possible to implement food hygiene laws. All these help to prevent diseases and improve the health of a population.

What is a cure for necrotizing fasciitis?

If you are suffering from necrotizing faciitis (better known as flesh-eating bacteria), it is necessary to seek immediate treatment to prevent limb amputations and possible death. Some methods of treatment include surgery to remove the infected tissues and liquids, medicines and hyper baringoxygen therapy. The type of treatment depends on the severity of the case.

What is the treatment for sickle cell disease?

The treatment of sickle cell disease is to prevent infections, organ damage, and strokes; and control complications (:

What is the goal of treatment for hypertension?

The goal of treatment is to lower blood pressure to levels that will prevent heart disease and other complications of hypertension.