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air bag fuse

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What is the recommended oil to use on a 2002 dodge with the cummins turbo diesel?


Is the clutch fan reverse thread?

They could be, it depends on the vehicle. On a dodge truck with the Cummins diesel from 1989-2002 it is left-hand thread for example.They could be, it depends on the vehicle. On a dodge truck with the Cummins diesel from 1989-2002 it is left-hand thread for example.

Where is the inertia fuel shutoff switch on a 2002 dodge ram diesel truck?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

What is the normal running temperature for the 2002 dodge diesel 2500?

When fully warm 190-210F

How many quarts does 2002 dodge 2500 cummins diesel take?

12 quarts 15w40

What other years are interchangeable with 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel?

1998 - 2002 2500's are the same body style and components.

Oil capacity and type oil 2002 dodge 2500 cummins diesel?

12 quarts 15w40

Location of crankshaft timing sensor for a 2002 dodge diesel 235 hp?

If equipped, it is behind the starter.

What kind of oil for a 2002 dodge sprinter diesel?

15w40 conventional 5w40 synthetic 0w40 synthetic

Will a 91 dodge diesel two wheeled drive transmission work on a 2002 dodge four wheel drive?

No, the controls and tail mount are different.

How do you reset abs light on 2002 dodge 3500 diesel 4x4?

With a scan tool, after repairing the cause of the code.

2002 Dodge truck feels sluggish?

If it is a diesel it is the lift pump, replace it before it takes out the injection pump. If it is a gasser replace it with a diesel. check the cat converter

Where is tps sensor on 2002 dodge diesel ram 3500?

Right above your VP pump..driver side of engine..

Why does your 2002 f-350 diesel only get 13 miles to the gallon has since day one?

Because they are the crapola, get a dodge

Hard to start 2002 diesel dodge 250?

check the glow plugs and the glowplug curcut . also check the fuel filter

Where Fuel filter on 2002 dodge ram?

Gas engine it is in the tank, on the fuel pump. Diesel engine it is on the driver side of the block.

What does the code p1419 mean in a 02 dodge ram 4.7?

I can not find P1419 listed in any service information for a 2002 Dodge Ram. Diesel Particulate Filter Over Temperature - Moderate

What is the oil capacity for a 2002 5.9 liter dodge 3500?

Gas engine - 5 quartsDiesel - 12 quartsGas engine - 5 quartsDiesel - 12 quarts

Does a 2002 or 2006 Dodge 3500 Dually Diesel have cabin air filters if so where are they located?

They were not built with one.They were not built with one.

Where is the tcm on a 2002 Dodge Ram diesel?

The powertrain control module, mounted on the passenger side firewall under the hood, handles the functions of a tcm.

Does a 2002 dodge neon have a usb port?

No, a 2002 Dodge does not have an USB port.

Will a 2002 dodge ram hood fit on a 1995 dodge?

If the 2002 is a 1500, no.

How much transmission fluid does a 2002 Dodge Cummins diesel auto trans hold?

Filter service is about 6 quarts. Dry fill is about 16 quarts.

Where is the ecm located on 2002 dodge ram 2500 diesel?

Driver side of engine block. It is the bright silver box below the fuel filter area.

What size front door speakers go in a 2002 Dodge Cummins?

i have a 1999 ram diesel with 6x9 speakers in the front doors it should be the same for your year