2002 x-type jaguar cigarette lighter does not work where is the fuse for this located?

the fuse box for this is located in the boot next to the battery under the lift out panel fuse #5 slot i think

Mar 2013 -- Yes, that's exactly where it was (cigar lighter fuse) on my friend's Jaguar XJ here in Germany...slot 5 in the trunk, under the panel. NOT in the glove compartment or under the dash -- those were dead ends on my model, which i believe is a 2003. You have to squint real hard, but the trunk slots ARE numbered -- the numbers are quite small and just molded into the casing. Bottom row, 5th from the right. I put in a 25 amp fuse (which was what was already there) so it won't blow so easily. Now I can use my GPS system here in beautiful Germany!!! WOW! What a relief. As on most cars, the cigarette lighter has no power unless the ignition is switched on.