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The code reader you used may not be advanced enough to read all codes or to pull stored codes. The CEL may light and then go off (even for problmes much more serious than a loose gas cap). Some codes are still stored. However, some are not. I do not think there is any rhyme or reason to this. Like most things on a Kia, the warning system is unreliable.


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What would cause the emissions light to be on in a Kia Sedona?

I have a 2003 Kia Sedona. The light was on, but my code reader would not read the code. So, I brought the car to the dealer who found the gas cap was loose (actually the retaining strap had caught under the cap). I would like to know why my code reader that I bought from Harbor Freight could not read the code (it said error). The reader works fine on America cars and Hyundai's. You bought A CODE READER!!!!! Not a scantool/it's like night and day. If it is a Vehicle manufacturer specific code it will not show on a aftermarket code reader unless you buy the good stuff!

Can someone buy a car and leave it there at the dealership?

yes they can i dont see why they couldnt but the dealer people would probably call the cops or something

How much does it cost to replace breaks on a 2003 Kia Sedona?

Just had the front brakes and rotors replaced, rear brakes adjusted, 2004 Kia Sedona, $537 at a Kia dealer. You can get it cheaper from a good local mechanic, maybe $350.00 - $400.00.

How do you change a rear wiper blade on a 2006 Kia sedona?

The 2006 Kia Sedona requires a wiper blade only available at the dealer. When going in to purchase the part, ask for instructions on how to change it. You may also want to consult your owners manual.

Why would a 2004 Kia Sedona air conditioner smell like strong vinegar?

Take it back to the dealer. The AC drain is Blocked OR the Heater Core is Leaking.

Where can I find used freight liner trucks?

Go to freightlinertrucks.com. They sell new ones there, but you can use the tool to locate and dealer and I am sure they have used ones for sale at the dealership.

How do you reset the anti theft radio code in a 2002 Kia Sedona without the code?

You can not unlock the radio without the code. You can remove the radio and get the serial number from it and call the dealer for the unlock code.

How hard is to replace spark plugs and wires on 2005 Kia Sedona?

It cost me over $450 at the dealer. This is due to the fact that they must remove the intake manifold to access the back 3 plugs.

How do you repair the drivers side armrest on a Kia Sedona?

They are built with a high density foam and a ratchet assembly is molded into the foam. They can't be fixed without destroying them. Better off just replacing them with one from a scrap yard or a dealer.

What new models would I find for sale at a Kia Auto dealer?

If you went to a Kia dealer today, you would find 11 models for the 2010-2011 Model Year. Passenger Cars include the Kia Forte, Forte Coup, Optima, Rio, Rio5, Rondo, and the Soul. Kia's SUV line is comprised of the Borrego, Sedona, Sorento, and the Sportage.

What causes a woo noise under my 2004 kia sedona mid-car?

I have a 02 Sedona and I think I'm getting the same noise. It happens when you are driving and it sounds kind of like one of those slide whistles. I think it only happens when the A/C is on so that leads me to believe it is a vent or something that automatically opens and closes. Or maybe it's a ghost. i also have an 04 sedona, and i frequently get noise which seems to come from the a/c heater motor. I had that problem also on my 2004 Sedona EX and had it repaired at dealer. They replaced the rear AC purge/evaporator. Thank god for the warranty! They told me the noise complaints are similar to a ghost, siren, or motorcyle accellerating noise.

How do you change the fuel filter in a Kia Sedona?

It's hard to change the fuel filter in the KIA Sedona as it's in the fuel tank! There's an access panel under the center left passenger seat (remove the seat then remove the access panel) that when opened reveals the top of the fuel tank where you can then gain access to where the filter assembly is down inside the tank. The filter seems to be a dealer only item. This design is a real pain.

If you don't have a manual how do you program garage door opener for 2003 Kia Sedona?

Call a dealer, someone in the service/parts dept. should know how to do it. If you have a HomeLink system (built into overhead console), you can find programming instructions at their website: http://www.homelink.com/training/train.taf

How must a pistol be shipped by an ffl?

There are several different FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensees) The most common are the 01 (Dealer) and 03 (Collector) I am an 03. A DEALER may ship a handgun by US Mail, or by a common carrier of freight, such as UPS or FedEx. The last two require that handguns be shipped by Next Day Air (their requirement, not a law). An 03 (Collector) may NOT mail a handgun in the US Mail, but must use a common carrier. A manufacturer is treated the same as a dealer.

How do you change the spark plug on a 2002 Kia Sedona?

You spend 340.00 paying the dealer to take half the engine apart so that there is access to the spark plugs. Other than the access problem there is nothing different about changing Kia Spark plugs.

How much money to change spark plugs on a Kia Sedona?

well the dealer wants 350 dollars. i just had my replace for 150dollars. don't buy their(dealer) spark plugs because they want 15.00 each. go to auto zone and you can get the spark plugs there for about 4.00-6.00dollars. spark plug wires are 33.00 each and there are three, but you can get them at auto zone for 34.00 dollars for all three. i hope this helps you.

Does CarMax have any used BMW x3s for sale?

Car Max dose have BMW x3s for sale. About 109 of them were found all ranging from the prices of 20,000 dollars. Price for used vehicles excludes tax, title and tags, but includes $99 dealer processing charge, and for new vehicles includes freight charge, but excludes tax, title, tags and $99 dealer processing charge.

Should a dealer manager be a dealer principal or dealer principle?

The spelling is DEALER PRINCIPAL (a principal here is someone with a proprietary interest).

What does it means the light IMMO on Kia Sedona?

IMMO means that the computer has read the chip in your key and your vehicle will operate normally. If it stays illuminated your vehicle will be immobilized. You can over ride this once by opening the small cover next to your gear selector and pushing the button in. You will then need to go to the dealer to have it reset.

What is dealer pricing?

Dealer pricing is the cost that a dealer gets an item for. The dealer pricing is less than what a consumer would pay for the item. This allows the dealer to make money on the sale.

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