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You need a special tool available at most auto parts stores.

Don't waste your time at auto store looking for it .You won't be able to find one small enough to get in there to release the line. I own a 2003 Ranger Edge Pickup .The only line you have access for is the 3/8' S line the 3 5/16 lines theres not enough room to remove.

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Q: 2003 ford ranger how do you remove the hoses from the fuel filter?
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How do you remove fuel filter 2003 ranger?

You need a special tool that is sold at most auto parts stores.

Does a 2003 Ford Ranger have a Cabin air filter and where do you locate it?

Cabin air filter 2003 Ford Ranger can be found below air filter box , round black plastic ball opens to replace cabin air filter .

Where do you find the cabin air filter on a 2003 Ford Ranger?

There is no cabin filter to find.

How do you Change air filter on 2003 Toyota Camry?

It's in the large,black box adjacent to the driver's side fender. Remove the two cap screws and the vacuum hoses. Some remove the duct between the filter and the throttle body. You can lift the box up enoughto remove/replace the filter. The filter should show which side is up. The OEM filter has an arrow on it showing which direction it is to be installed. Reverse the procedure. You might want to mark the hoses so you can get them installed correctly

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2003 Ford Ranger XLT and where is it located?

how do you change a fuel filter and were is it located on a 2000 xlt ford ranger

How do you install fuel filter on 2003 Lincoln ls v8?

remove rear side of plastic cover for the left front wheel well and you will find the filter secured with 1 screw and 2 slide in clips. keep in mind to remove hoses and the screw, then to swap the filter in the bracket...

How do I remove the front bumper on a 2003 ford ranger?

Does anyone know how to remove the chrome part of the front bumper on a Ford Ranger XLT

How do you remove rear axle bearing from a 2003 Ford Ranger?


How do you change the return filter on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

To change the return filter on a 2003 Chevy Silverado is easy. Simply open the hood of your car and gently remove the filter and replace with new filter. that it!

How do you change air filter on 2003 mustang cobra?

To change the air filter on the 2003 Mustang Cobra, you will need to first remove the air filter cover. Then, pull the filter out of the reservoir and add the new filter. Replace the cover.

How do you change transmission filter in 2003 Jeep liberty?

You have to remove the transmission oil pan to access the filter.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2003 dodge Dakota?

The oil filter on a 2003 Dodge Dakota is located on the bottom, right side of the engine. A special filter wrench is needed to properly grip and remove the filter.

How do you remove the heater hoses on a 2003 Chevy truck?

you need the special tool its about 30 bucks from snap on

Where is the fuel filter located on 2003 Chevy Suburban?

The 2003 Chevrolet Suburban fuel filter is located inside of the gas tank. You will to remove the gas tank in order to change the fuel filter.

How many quarts of oil are required for a 2003 Ford Ranger V-6 3.0L engine?

The 2003 Ford Ranger owners manual shows : ( 4.5 quarts with filter change ) for the 3.0 L - V6 engine

How do you remove the radiator from a 2003 impala 3800 series?

Drain the radiator, disconnect the hoses, unbolt the radiator, and lift.

What is the oil capacity of a 2003 ford ranger xlt 4.0?

5 quarts ( 4.7 liters ) WITH FILTER CHANGE

What oil filter fits 2003 ford ranger with 4.0l sohc?

Motorcraft ( FL820S ) according to motorcraft . com

Where is the transmission filter located on a 2003 ford escort?

Remove the tranny pan

How many quarts of oil goes into a 2003 3.0 Ford Ranger?

( 4.5 quarts of engine oil ) with oil filter change for the 3.0 liter V6 ( according to the 2003 Ford Ranger Owner Guide )

How do you change an air filter in a 2003 Lexus es 300?

To change the air filter, remove air filter box top under the hood by unhooking clips. Then, remove the filter and insert a new one. Finally, reclip the top.

Where is brake fluid reservoir on a 2003 BMW 540i?

Underneath drivers side ac cabin air filter remove filter and remove the housing it's right under there

Where is the cabin filter located on a 2003 chev impala?

Passenger side of the car, below the windshield, under the black plastic cowl cover. You must raise the hood, un-clip the windshield washer hoses on the passenger side, remove 3-4 black plastic screws, and remove the plastic cowl cover from the passenger side. You will then see the access to the filter. If you will purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter it comes with complete instructions.

How do you change oiloil filter on 2003 Yamaha vstar 1100?


How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio?

How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio

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