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2004 Mitsubishi diamante cigarette lighter doesn't work?


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2008-12-29 23:27:37
2008-12-29 23:27:37

Sounds like a blown fuse.


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Your 2001 rav 4 cigarette lighter worksbut the other two cigarette socket doesnt work the one at the back and the one near the handbreakis there a fuse for these two sockets you cant find them at the

fuse box diagram cigarette lighter doesnt work

Causes include blown fuse and broken wire.

You have to check your fuse for the lighter...if that doesnt work pep boys or autozone has a little to that they touch it with to see if it has any power if not then you might have to remove your dash to make sure wires are not rubbing or that everything is connected and plugged right

The cigarette lighter (I'm assuming that's what you meant) is on a separate fuse than the horn. Check that fuse, if the fuse is fine then your most likely culpret is the actual horn switch in the steering wheel.

you have to find your fuse panel, may be under the dash, inside glovebox, or maybe on side of dash with door open, find the fuse for the cig lighter, pull it out and replace itIt is under the hood, it doesnt say cigarette lighter it says inside lights or indoor me if it worked for you at 1994-1997 Accord has a fuse box located in the driver side kick panel, and another located under the hood, up behind the passenger strut tower. The fuse for the cigarette lighter is in the box under the hood, it's 15 amp, and it's marked "Radio/Cigar Lighter".

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Check all the blew a fuse or 2 .... Do you happen to know what fuse may be causing this because i can not find a fuse for this specific thing.

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If the fuse was blown there was probably a reason. If that reason wasn't tracked down and repaired chances are good the replacement fuse has also popped. Keep in mind the key has to be on to see power at that socket. The lighter won't work with the key off. The problem could be as simple as a bad cigarette lighter or as potentially complicated as a frayed/chafed wire. Suggestions: Replace the fuse again (you really don't need a mechanic for that) and check the power port with a meter to make sure you have power. Try something in the socket other than the lighter. Stop smoking. Cheers

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Change the fuse. when you open the driver door, on the side of the dash, theres a little panel that comes off, that's where your interior fuses are. there should be a sticker on the removable panel that shows you what each fuse is for, like a map.. find your lighter fuse and replace it with another of the same number. if it still doesnt work (cuz mine didnt) use a higher number. i had to use a 25. gl

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