2004 Pontiac Grand Am stop fuse?

one fuse panel is on the passenger "end" of the dash (open door to see it) lift up - then out to open it it has a usage chart on the inside of the panel if there is a fuse it will be listed there

...keep in mind that it may not be an electrical issue. There is a spring that holds the display module within you dash and the part that holds the spring has been known to break which causes the display module to swing out of range. You can find out if this is the case by first making sure your HUD is turned on, then while looking at the spot in your windshield where you would normally see your HUD display, drop your head down low...keep lowering your head and you might be surprised to see a tiny bit of your display. This would indicate that it a broken spring or spring hook.

If you have the courage, you can take apart you dash and fix the problem yourself, otherwise seek a qualified mechanic.