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Im not sure about the Infinity system speakers, but the stock speakers are 8 ohm up front as they are bridged to show a 4 ohm load to the stereo. The capacitors in question are for frequency limiting like a cheap crossover, and are only on the dash speakers. These block the bass notes from ruining the tweeters. Which radio do you have an which speakers need replacing? There are 3.5" tweeters in the dash and 6.5" full range in the doors.

Contact me if you want replacement speakers as i am replacing the system in my Jeep.

My eBay id is Tsiawd90. Contact me through there for spam fighting purposes.


2004 Liberty Sport

I had both front speakers go out in my 2002 Liberty. They were the 6.5 infinity with attached amp. Dealership wanted a buttload for them. Found out the foam ring around the outter edge had deterioted between the paper cone and outter edge of speaker. I found a repair kit on eBay from looneytune2001 . It was a quality repair kit with new foam rings. With a little work I replaced the rings and now the speakers have been working like new for over a year.


That capacitor is really an amplifier. The speakers are 2 Ohm. Dealer here in Texas wants 172.00 per speaker...

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