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2005 What is dodge stratus code p0562?


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  • P0562 System Voltage Low
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Trouble code P0562 means: System Voltage Low

Trouble code P0562 means:System voltage low

Trouble code P0562 means:System voltage low

Trouble code P0562 means:System voltage low

Trouble code P0513 means: Incorrect immobilizer key.

The Dodge Stratus was produced from the years 1995 to 2006. The best way to fix the P0513 code in a Dodge Stratus is to disconnect the negative terminal and then reset the ECM.

Trouble code P0507 means:Idle control system RPM higher than expected

P0562, charging system voltage low.

The TCM needs to be checked for transmission specific codes...most likely at the dealer.

Camshaft position sensor is bad

Error code p0605 is related to the Transmission control module.

Trouble code P0513 means:Incorrect immobilizer key

Trouble code P0765 means:Shift solenoid D malfunction

Trouble Code P1294 means:Target idle not reached

Trouble code P0304 means:Cylinder 4 misfire detected

Trouble code P1391 means: Intermittent loss of CMP or CKP

the battery was or is disconnected. the code just needs cleared.

Incorrect gear ratio, the transmission is slipping.

A PO455 code on a 2000 Dodge Stratus V6 means that there is a large leak in the gas tank or the fuel system. The leak is so great that fuel pressure cannot build up.

Trouble code P0340 means:Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction

Trouble code P0441 means: EVAP Purge Flow Monitor Fault

Trouble code P0440 means:Evaporative emission control system malfunction

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