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try and put static guard on your seats and carpet.

This is usually caused by tires that don't allow the static electricity to disperse into the ground. One (expensive) way to possibly fix it is to get different tires. Or a cheaper method is to get a grounding strap that hangs down below the car and just touches the ground, this will disperse the static electricity into the ground.

If you just make sure to touch some metal part of the car before you touch the gas pump you'll be perfectly safe. If you don't want to get "zapped", hold an all metal key in your hand and touch that to the car. The spark will jump from the key to the car and you won't feel the spark. You can do this with your scion ignition key so long as you make sure you hand is touching the metal part and not just the plastic part.

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2008-01-04 20:50:23
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Q: 2006 Scion xb having problem with static electricity causing sparks as you touch metal you don't want to go boom at the gas pump help?
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