2006 dodge ram 1500 Why do I get cold air on drivers side and warm air on passager side?

Sounds like the same problem i am having .From what i can gather the problem is with the mechanical doors within the hvac housing. Inside the housing is a door for mode ( defrost, vents, floor.) and a door that blends outside air with air from the heater or ac.( controls temp). The doors have been prone to breaking. I have not dealt with my problem yet but it is said the dealer wants $900.00 to $1200.00 to fix. I guess you have to tear the whole dash out to get at the hvac system. the parts are under $150.00. I will post my findings after i tear my dash appart. good luck you have i think 4 or 5 bolts on top of the dash after you pull off partial cover then you pull trim off the side off the doors and two more the on either side. under the cup holder is two and you also have one behind the glove box. then you need to drop the steering cover and pull the two that hold the steering wheel up then you will see two more above the steering wheel. you have to remove the brake release and the hood latch. before you start be sure to disconnect negative cable on battery. under the cup holder is the srs air back connector, it is a yellow and black pack. you can disconnect after unhooking battery. then all you have left is a wiring harness on the passenger side and the antenna to disconnect and a big main pack on drivers side way up to the left of the brake then you should be able pull whole dash back from the passenger side. should you have to take the whole air assembly out you need to have your a/c drained of freon and disconnected. you will have to also have to pull heater core hoses off. hope this helps. you could also just go get a haynes manual. be careful of the half dash cover its a little tricky and will crack rather easy.