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needs to be re jetted

2010-06-23 01:04:35
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Q: 2006 hyosung 49cc just pulled out carb restrictor bike wants to cut out midthrottlebut speeds up when you let back on acc should you increase airflow to stop this?
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Where are Hyosung motorcycles made?

Hyosung Motorcycles are manufactured in Korea, Hyosung was the motor r&d company for Suzuki motorcycles for years.

When was Jeon Hyosung born?

Jeon Hyosung was born on 1989-10-13.

What is the best 250cc motorcycle?

the kawasaki ninja 250r Hyosung gt250r or the hyosung 250 comet

How can you get a hyosung sense to go faster?

I have a 2006 hyosung racing prima and to cut my rev limiter its 8 screws around the front around the headlight area 4 in the back and 4 in the front. You will see a black box that says CDI unit. on the left hand side of it are two black wires with a white strip in them. the second wire in in the restrictor. just simply pull the wire out and there you go. -Jrow

Are Hyosung motorcycles any good?


How fast does a Hyosung Rx 125 go?


What is the horsepower on a hyosung GT250R?

27hp not much really

Where can one find reviews of Hyosung motorcycles?

Reviews for Hyosung Motorcycles can be found on the following websites: Yahoo Answers, Best Beginner Motorcycles, The Motorcycle Review, Motorcycle Daily, and Motorcyclist Online.

How fast should a Hyosung gt be going to cause damage to a car?

it is what it is

What is the biggest size bike you can drive when you are 17?

125cc i suggest a hyosung gt125r

How do you remove the governor wire on your 2008 Hyosung SB50?

Cut the solid blue wire

How maney chain link are on a hyosung gv 250 drive chain?

There are 116 links.

Can you derestrict a hyosung rt125d motorbike?

yes you can but it must be done professional in case you break the bike

Who makes aurora tires?

I can narrow it down to two......Hyosung.....but I also hear its a division of Hancook tires!

Who makes the hyosung rx 125 engine?

err.......i've heard that there's a collaboration btwn hyo and suzuki...

What is the Hyosung gt125r top speed?

Well I've had 87mph out of mine in the past, but it has dropped since then to just 72mph

Is the 2007 hyosung GT650R a good starter bike?

Yes of course this bike will proof that this is a good starter bike.

Are Hyosung motorcycles creditable?

They are fine for disposable bikes, but don't expect them to last a long time. They also don't have nearly the parts support that the Japanese bikes have (Yamaha, Honda, kawasaki, suzuki). There are better bikes out there! Save your money or buy a used Japanese bike. You won't regret it! Obviously written by someone that has never owned a Hyosung. I had the GT650 Comet (20000 miles before trading in) and now a GT650R that has 12000miles on it. All trouble free miles and neither of them have fallen apart or rusted away. To say they are a disposable bike is so wrong. What they are is the best bang for your money Go to for more information on Hyosung Im going to have to agree with the last statement made. Hyosung is not the best bike on the the road if your looking for stunts, but handling their is no better. A few problems with the bike, but most of it is of the lack of knowledge from the dealership. My GT650R is now lowered and stretched and ready for show and am looking for another one. We have spent a couple years working on Hyosung bikes along side all the major Japanese brands and although we can't say the quality is 100% the same, we don't experience more problems with Hyosung than with the Japanese brands. However working with Hyosung American can be tough at times, matters are not handled as promptly as the Japanese OEMs would, but that is not to say that the bikes are of poor quality.

Is a hyosung RX 125 motorcycle street legal in North Carolina?

Yes, it is 50 state legal. I have one registered in Washington.

What is the top speed of a Hyosung GV650?

i have read reviews putting it between 118mph-130mph depending on ur weight and the driving conditions

Is the hyosung hyper 125 the same as hyosung grand prix scotter?

the hyosung hyper and grand prix are both the same bikes in a simular way the grand prix model is more of a sporty model and is quicker at top end speed and the hyper is more of a luxary model myself and my girlfriend have 13 of them and they are hyper and grand prix thats all i do is deal with them day in day out if you would like more information on this then please dont hesitate to get in touch with me on 07794809566 and i can give you all the information you want and need hope to hear from you soon

How much horsepower does a Hyosung GV 650 have?

I hope you do not own one, they are junk. about 79hp. JUNK!!!, I dont think so my friend, i will bet you my title against anything you can bring that you cannot beat my GT650R anywhere you want to go, promise. 79hp is only the start of the beast inside, watch Hyosung Naza Blade on Youtube and see for yourself.

How do you de-restrict a hyosung gt650?

On these type of bikes its a physical restriction in the carby i think all you need to do is to take out the carby sliders. if you want you can replave them with the ones from the sv650

Where is the dipstick on a 2006 sensi hyosung 50 hp scooter?

Did,t know scooters had 50 hp engines, Mine is a 50 cc engine and the dipstick is built into the oil fill cap.

How do you change the oil on a hyosung gt650r?

you got me, i spent all night looking for a filter gor my gt650s and all the auto stores dont even have hyosung as a maker. i believe kn-131 from K&N oil filter company, is the right one from research... ibknow km-138 is the sizuki sv650's size. hopefully ill find an easy wAy to get a filter and post it on here tonight... any help from others would be great!