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2007 yfz 450 stock horsepower?


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Stock Horsepower is around 39hp.

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Stock it's 39hp but if you tune it up you could get 50hp out of it.

stock horsepower is right around 32..... piped,jetted,wit airbox lid off right around 42 www.gtthunder.com dyno sheet for yfz

YZF 450 puts out 39 hp stock.

the yfz 450 is not that fastest quad, Its not far from the top but raptors have more top speed. there is no 250 that will stand up to a yfz 450 stock

the yfz would be better. Your garbage i kill modded out yfzs WIth my stock ltr 450. SUZUKI RULES!!!!!!!

a yfz450 and a trx450 stock a yfz all day but you an upgrade both and a trx will probally win because it has more upgrades to buy Is a trx 450 faster than a yfz 450? never a yfz 450 has higher performance parts

I think you mean a YZ450F.....47.22 hp @ 8700 rpm. Cheers, Bill from Turner Valley, AB

A 2012 stock yfz 450 goes about 75 maybe 80 and the 2012 stock raptor 700 goes 75-80 The yfz would win in a race to full speed because is accelerates faster and it weighs less

YFZ 450 is alot faster

YFZ 450 is alot faster yfz 450 fo sho. ltr 450 would beat both

Stock main jet on the 2004 yfz 450 is 158.

YFZ 450 because their alot lighter

About 82mph stock! Very trustworthy ATV I would recommend.

I need to know how to adjust the valves on a 2008 yfz 450.

the Yamaha yfz 450 is faster than the raptor 660. the yfz blows by it all day

too lean on fuel or timing off

The Yfz is alot faster and more agresive but the trx it more reliable


The top Speed of a Stock YFZ450 can be 92-93mph but if modified it can go up to115 mph.

The KTM sx is fast but the yfz is the best for what I do, what kind of riding do you do?

if all quads are stock then the kfx and yfz will be quicker than the 700 but the 700 wil win in the long run because of its massive top speed, IMO the kfx will beat the yfz

They are on the top of your battery

yzf 450 it handles better and is lighter.

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