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hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and mental health problems, restless leg syndrome, asthma, cancer, coronary Heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, psychiatric illnesses, Multiple Sclerosis, alzheimers, osteoporosis, Allergies, epilepsy, and other diseases of affluence. Sorry, couldn't find 20 very easily

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Who gets Buerger's disease?

It is seen most often in young to middle-aged men (ages 20-40) who are heavy smokers of cigarettes. Cases of this disease in non-smokers are very rare

How disease develops?

a disease can develop if you do 20 pull ups without stretching.

How many non metals?

there are 20 non-metals

20 kinds of amino acids?

Refer to the related links for a chart of the 20 amino acids.

How many different kinds of monomers are in protein?

There are 20 different kinds of monomers in proteins, called amino acids.

How many different kinds of monomer are there in starch?

there are 20 different kinds of monomers in starch called amino acide.

How prevalent is Turner disease?

This is disease only for women; the prevalence is max. 20 cases/100 000.

What percentage of hospital admissions were from combat injuries and what percent were from disease non battle injury?

20 percent of all hospital admissions have been from combat injuries. The other 80 percent have been from DNBI

Can a girl increase her height after 20?

Short of surgery or disease - no

What is the atomic number in n-20?

Calcium is a non meta element. Atomic number of it is 20.

How many different kinds of roses are there?

Approximately 20 000 and growing.

How many different kinds of pizzas are there?

there are 20 different types of pizzia

What are kinds of eighth commandment?

You shall not steal (Exodus ch.20).

How long does huntingtons disease take to kill you?

Death usually occurs anywhere from 15 to 20 years after the onset of the disease.

Is typhoid a deadly disease?

Typhoid is a deadly disease. Untreated typhoid fever can kill some 15 to 20 % patients.

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