21st Mortgage Company is a Tennessee mortgage company and their web page says they do not offer financing in Massachusetts so how did they end up with my home mortgage?


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The may have acquired your mortgage through an assignment from an affiliate. Also, they may be a servicing agent for the original lender. You can check the local land records to determine if an assignment of mortgage was recorded.

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Yes. There are statutes of limitation for mortgages that vary by state. In Massachusetts, for example, a mortgage expires after 35 years.Yes. There are statutes of limitation for mortgages that vary by state. In Massachusetts, for example, a mortgage expires after 35 years.Yes. There are statutes of limitation for mortgages that vary by state. In Massachusetts, for example, a mortgage expires after 35 years.Yes. There are statutes of limitation for mortgages that vary by state. In Massachusetts, for example, a mortgage expires after 35 years.

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