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What does clownfish eat?

things that get caught on the anemone's tentacles

Do catfish eat tropical fish food?

yes catfish are scavengers and eat most things

What is the life cycle of a catfish?

the life cycle of a catfish is it eats all kinds of things it lives in every kinds of water

What is the meaning of contrast and comparison?

Contrast is to find the difference between two or more things and to compare is to find the things similar between two or more things.

Do clownfish have any predators?

There is no living things in this world that does not have predators. Therefore, the answer should be a "Yes".

The disadvantages of the symbiotic relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone?

There are no disadvantages, but the only thing is that the sea anemone might make the clown fish get stuck in its grass-like things

What is a vimdiagram?

It is a diagram comparing two things, often having similar things between the two objects, people, or other things. It looks like two circles over-lapping. The similar things go in the center.

Are there any Similarities between human and fish?

Yes!There are some similar things!

An example of mutualism is?

Mutualism is the biological relationship between two living things that benefit each other. Some examples are: Oxpeckers and zebras or rhinos, Sea anemones and clownfish, and Flowers and bees.

What are some similar things between Cyprus and Australia?

The most obvious things are the eucalyptus trees, which are widely grown on Cyprus.

What does homogolous mean?

Homologous means having something similar between two things.

Similar things between rich and poor people?

They both hate their mother-in-laws.

Similar things between Greece and England?

They have both won the European Cup (soccer)

What are some similar things between butterflies and moths?

They both have wings and their both insect

What living things are in a lake?

trout, plankton, catfish, fish, algae, turtles,

What is the similarity between dragonfly and mosquito?

There are only 2 things similar between dragonflies and a mosquito. They are similar because they both fly and they both only come out in wet, hot climates.

What animals did the New York colony hunt?

Beagles, catfish, wallabies... things like that.

What is the difference between homogenous and homogeneous?

Homogeneous is opposite of heterogeneous. It means internally uniform, or composed of similar parts. Homogenous is a term used only in biology. It refers to things that have similar things, or to things that are common in one way or another.

What is the difference between Aggregation and Generalization?

Aggregation is a group of varied things or a mass made up of distinct parts. Generalization is a group of similar things, but not identical things.

Where do you find the clownfish in crystal reef in animal jam?

you got to wait by the green swishing things by the crystal sands sign

What the most major similar between telescope and microscope?

they both make things bigger when you look through it

What thing is similar to a nuclear membrane?

A door because they nuclear membrane, and door both are boundaries between things, they also let things pass in & out.

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