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Counterclockwise to remove.


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Oil drain plug? Turn counterclockwise.Oil drain plug? Turn counterclockwise.

When standing facing the Suburban, the radiator drain plug is on the lower right-hand side of the radiator. Drain the radiator coolant into a bucket by turning the drain plug three-quarters of a turn to loosen.

The drain plug is at the bottom passenger side of the radiator. It takes a 1/4 inch extension to fit into the head to turn it.

Lefty Loosey (counterclockwise to remove), righty tighty (clockwise to tighten). That drain plug should take a 15mm wrench.

lefty loosy,righty tighty.turn it to the left to loosen the drain plug. to remove 2oo3 focus drain plug turn drain plug counter clockwise that is to your left '

Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Counterclockwise to remove, clockwise to tighten.

The oil drain plug is on the bottom of the oil pan. It is a hex bolt about 1/2" hex turn it counter clockwise pushing in until it is unscrewed then pull away fast to let the oil drain.

When facing the front of the Mercury Mountaineer, the drain plug is on the lower left of the radiator. Place a bucket under the drain plug spigot before loosening to catch the coolant. To empty the radiator, turn the drain plug three-quarters of a turn. Tighten the drain plug before re-filling with coolant.

Counter-Clockwise to remove the engine oil drain plug, on a 1999 Chrysler 300M, with 3.5 liter v-6. Righty tighty, lefty loosey on all 300 drain plugs.

There is a turn plug on the rightside of the bottom of a radiator turn it and it will drain.

You may have to remove the tank and turn it upside down if you cannot find a plug in the bottom.

It will be on the bottom, probably on the drivers side, I think. it won't look like a regular plug, it looks like a handle you turn.

turn out plug enough to let coolant run out. if plug comes out, it will go back in.

If you are asking about the drain plug you turn it counterclockwise.

The Radiator Drain Plug is on the bottom of the front of the car close to the left wheel. The drain plug is red and all you do is turn the plug with your hand counter-clockwise to open it.

Using a suitable 15mm wrench turn the drain plug counterclockwise.

If it is a plug -- turn it counterclockwise to remove If it is a "petcock" turn it clockwise to open

facing the car it is on the bottom right side. Turn the vavlve counter clockwise and pull out.

Coolant drain plug is on the bottom of the radiator. You turn the knob and watch out. You need a wide drain pan not an oil change pan.

Plug? turn counterclockwise Petcock? Turn clockwise

Radiator? Plug? turn clockwise Petcock? Turn counterclockwise to close

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