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check the engine's ECU. you have a bad FI control output, and there may be a spare I/O port in the ECU (unused port that the FI control can be re-directed to) if you do not want to mess with a delicate electronic port re-assignment, get where you can swap the ECU out with a known-good one, and see if the problem clears up before shelling out $440 for a new one.

before you spend alot of money on an ECU you should check your wiring , using a noid light to verify signal ,and check integrity of wiring .possible broken, chaffed or pinched wiring.

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Q: 350 Chevy one injector wont work changed injectors left one does not work turn wiring around and still only one works What is wrong?
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How do you install fuel injectors?

Depends on the car... If you can see the injectors, you'll need to disconnect the wiring harnesses from the injectors... (there is also usually a boot over the injector). You then need to disconnect the injector from the fuel rail. (careful not to strip the little fitting). You can then use a wrench or injector socket to remove the injector. Make sure you replace the gaskets and seals when installing the new injectors. (might need teflon tape around the pipe fitting where the injector feeds from the fuel rail).

Where is the fuel injector fuse on a '91 Grand Am?

The injectors will be fused with something else. Get a wiring diagram from MOTORLIT.COM.

What if you have code P0205 on a 2001 Chevy Malibu?

P0205 means that the PCM detected a fault in the injector 5 or the wiring to the injector. Could be a bad injector number 5. Maybe the wires to the injectors or the PCM is faulty.

On an 1990 S15 GMC is not getting fuel from the injector?

If it is just one injector, it is a bad injector or a problem in the wiring harness or connector for that injector. If it is all of the injectors, it could be a fuse, the entire injector harness, a broken loose or unplugged connector on the injector harness, or the fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

How do you trace down a dead fuel injector on a 1991 Chevrolet caprice?

The 91 Caprice is throttle body injected and has 2 fuel injectors mounted above a Rochester throttle body. The easiest way to check for an injector that is not working correctly is to remove the air cleaner assembly, start the car and visually inspect the base of the injectors for a smooth consistent spray pattern. If the pattern is absent or intermittent on both injectors it may indicate a problem elsewhere, the ECM or a maybe a wiring issue or sensor. If it is a single injector that is acting up it could be the injector or a wiring problem to that injector which could be tested with a multimeter.

What does injector light on in dash mean on iveco daily?

it means there is a fault with your injectors, wiring loom or ecu terminals try to clean them and then try it if it dont work like my dads did for a few weeks then broke he had to have all new injectors wiring loom ecu and pump costing £3500 + VAT

How can tell if your fuel injectors are bad?

It is real easy to think it is the injectors fault for a miss but it might not be. first check compression. If that is good check for spark. If that's good then noid light check ( hook up a light build the the injector wiring and make sure it pulses ). If all these things are good, then you have narrowed it down to a bad injector.

How do you change diesel injector in 2004 2.9 ls kia sedona?

the problem is that injectors are forced into head . since head is aluminum and injector is steel after few years they become stucked together as they are one piece . you may expect that at least one injector will be broken during extraction . if you have spare/new injectors best way is to unscrew upper part of injector and chip the rest out with adequate tool . also if injectors are succesfuly removed there is problem with sealing new ones because during removal head will be almost certanly damaged . strongly recomending replacing whole head with injectors . used one in good condition is much cheaper than set of new injectors and head repair . This is absolute nonsense, make a injector puller sliding hammer type and loosen holding clamp and wiring then pull hard upwards and the injectors will come out.

Should injectors receive voltage when plymouth neon is being started and if not where should i lok for problem?

Most injectors should show battery voltage IE approx 13V. Where to look if not getting voltage. Immobiliser. Injector relay. Wiring harness. Crankshaft position sensor.

Why don't your fuel injectors work on your 1989 Chevy Celebrity 2.8 v6 you think its a bad ground?

Possible reasons the fuel injectors are not working: Faulty ECM (engine control module, computer) Faulty fuel injector(s). Fuel injectors clogged. Insufficient fuel pressure. Bad Ground. Faulty wiring otherwise.

How do you replace fuel injector in 2003 vw tdi?

The fuel injectors on a 2003 VW Tdi are replaced by disconnecting the wiring harness, fuel supply, and removing the retaining bolts. They can then be pulled from the fuel rail and replaced.

What causes p0203 on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Bad injector or injector wiring on cylinder #3.

Why is my Saturn keeping blowing its engine fuse?

Check injector wiring harness to see if it melted around exaust manifold, I had that happen to me

Peugeot expert van injection problem timing good injectors not opening is there relay or fuse on injector wiring what does timing sender read on camshaft gear fuel to pump cranking timing ok?

crankshaft position sensor

What is the color code for the fuel injector wiring on an 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo?

how to wire a 1984 300z fuel injector

If an 1987 suburban 350 get fuel to the throttle body but no fuel comes out of the injector how do you test to find out if the injectors are bad or the wiring is bad?

There is a noid light that will check injector pulses from the distributor. It plugs into the injector plug. Most common failure for inop injector is in the distributor module. Also check fuel pressure to see if the fuel pump is operating correctly. It should come on for 2-3 seconds when ignition key is turned to run. Chevy guy denver

How do you remove fuel injectors from a 1998 Buick Park Ave?

The exact procedure varies for the engines that were available in this car. Roughly:Disconnect batteryDisconnect air intake pipe,Disconnect throttle and cruise control linkage and any linkage for the transOn most engines, not all, remove the upper intake manifold being sure to unhook any wiring and any hosesThe injector rack should be exposed.Disconnect fuel lines, unplug injectors, blow dirt away from injectors and lift injector rack out, using penetrating oil to lube the o rings at the base of the injectors will helpReassemble as reverse of disassembly.

What is code P00CC?

P00CC is hexadecimal for P0204, which is a fault in the injector or its wiring.

One Fuel injector is not spraying Chevy Blazer 90 V6 4.3L?

Need to know what year 4.3L Blazer to answer that. Sounds like you got some bad gas and clogged it. That vehicle has throttle body injection. It has two injectors on the top. You say one doesn't spray. If I remember right, each injector has its own electrical connection. Switch the connections from one to the other then run it. If the same injector doesn't spray you have a bad injector. If the other injector doesn't spray you may have wiring problems or a bad pcm.

Would bad spark plug wires make the injectors not fire?

Not normally no. In a rare occasion where the plug wire has shorted, or leaked, high voltage to the injector wiring, it could have damaged the CPU or power fuse or relay, but that would not be very common.

What could mean check injection?

The injectors could be clogged, the wiring harness on one (or more) of your injectors is loose. Take it to a mechanic to be sure.

Fuel injector off and swopt it to another hole and it work for a minute and then back to problem what could be causing this a bad fuel injector or bad wires?

If the problem followed the fuel injector then it is a bad injector. If the problem stayed at the same hole with a different injector then it could be bad wiring.

2006 Chevy silverado 1 injector does not work is that a fuel pump problem?

No it is not a fuel pump problem. It either has a grounded are open circurt. Check wiring to injector. May just be a bad INJECTOR.

How do you install a fuel injector in a 1991 eagle talon?

Unhook your wiring harness from injectors and other sensors. Unbolt two bolts on intake holding the cables. Then unbolt fuel rail and unplug spark plug wires from coil and you should be able to wiggle fuel rail out as long as you take bolts out of rail before trying to pull it out. then just pull injectors from rail..

If an 85 Cavalier gets fuel to the throttle body but no fuel comes out of the injector how do you test to see if the regulator or injector is bad?

Hey James==The wires to the injector are one hot all of the time and one pulsates as the ecm grounds it as the engine is turned over. TAke a test light and hook one end to ground and probe both wires on the injectors. One wire should have 12 volts. If not, check all of the fuses. If no fuses blown check the wiring. If you do have 12 volts, put the light from 0ne injector wire to the other and have someone turn the engine over. the light should flash. If it doesn't, check the wiring to the ecm. Goodluck, Joe