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Yes, that certainly would be a concern. Free flow of air, especially humid, storm air, can contribute to rust in the cylinders and on the valve surfaces. I'd probably shoot a little light weight oil into the cylinder before I start it, maybe something like WD-40 or some other penetrating oil. Then I'd turn the engine by hand to make sure it doesn't feel like it's binding on something. A brief shot of WD-40 won't cause damage, but it also won't do any good unless it can get to the side-walls. Don't spray so much that you'll end up with a standing pool of oil in the cylinder. If there is much oil there when you're ready to start the engine, the compression could go far too high and you'd end up cracking the block, piston, head or gasket. For the sake of safety, just a light mist of oil.

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What is the voltage of injector on 4jx1when cranking?

when ignition is on it should be battery volts,when cranking in should pulse..(test with a led test light or osilliscope

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Distributor cap? Rotor? Ballast Resistor? Hi Yes, those are other things that could be responsible too, but before you throw any more money into this, do you actually have any gas in those cylinders? If you've been cranking and cranking on this thing you should be able to take a plug out and literally see a film of gas on the plug. You might be firing like a mother, but if you have no gas in there... Phil

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