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# How does a company become a corporation?

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Q: 3 How does a company become a corporation?
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Can a Limited Liability Company later become an S Corporation?

How does a company become a corporation?

How does a corporation become public?

By selling stock in the company to the public.

How can you be a part owner of a corporation?

If company listed in stock exchange then anybody can purchase it's shares and become owner of corporation.

What are kinds of corporation?

There are 3 kinds: S corporation, C corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Why did the British broadcasting company change to the British broadcasting corporation?

A company turns into a corporation when one or more people invest in it (put money in the company to own part of it), the investors then become shareholders and the company's legal status turns into a corporation.

When you buy stock in a corporation do you become part owner of that company?


When you buy stock in a corporation you become part owner of that company.?


What is a limited corporation on Business Tycoon Online?

A limited corporation is the size of your company, if you upgrade it and upgrade it etc, it will become a big corporation and many other things.

What year did EandTrade become a corporation?

ETrade became a corporation in 1982 in Palo Alto, California. Its CEO's are Friedberg and Audette who started the company in '82. It is one of the biggest corporation in NSDAQ

When does a company become a corporation?

A company becomes a corporation if the owners choose for it to be so. The main advantage of a corporation over other forms of company is that the directors (owners) protect their assets from the company's creditors. They are only liable under most circumstances to lose the investment that they have put into the business. There are also personal tax benefits for the directors of corporations.

What is a 3 word company name starting with g?

Gibson Guitar Corporation is a company based in Tennessee. The name includes 3 words.

What is Corporation Service Company's population?

The population of Corporation Service Company is 1,000.

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