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The answer given is 364 but I do not agree.

There are 9 baskets each with 3 cats in (=27 cats). Each cat has 3 kittens (=81 kittens). There are therefore 108 cats/kittens (=432 legs). 1 girl + bus driver left on bus (=4 legs). The number of legs is 432.

Assume 364 is correct.

364 - 4 = 360 legs (girl + bus driver)

360/4 = 90 (cats/kittens)

90/9 baskets = 10 cats/kittens per basket, which is not as the riddle states.

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If by "they" you mean James Naismith and a group of boys at a YMCA in Springfield, Mass. then "they" would have to go upstairs to the balcony where the hoop was attached and take the ball down. Later they would have to send somebody up with a ladder every time a basket was scored. Then eventually they decided, "Hey, you know what? We should cut a hole in the bottom of the basket so we don't have to go up and get it every time we score!!!!"

the gamw was created by JAMES A NAISMITH using a ball and a peach basket.. the ball had to be taken out of the peach basket after every shot.. sometime later they just made a hole in the basket

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They never cut holes in the bottom of peach baskets. Every time a shot was amde they had to climb a ladder and get the ball down. They had to continue to do this until rims were created.

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