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Technically, the three parts are:

1. Your heart

2. Your veins

3. Your arteries

The circulatory system carries blood around your body, providing oxygen to you muscles. This is why your heart beats faster when you run.

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What are the 3 mojor parts of circulatory system?

The Heart, The Veins and Arteries and The Lungs

What are 3 parts to the circulatory system?

The 3 parts are the heart, blood vessels, and the blood.

What are the major ogans of the circulatory system?

The 3 major parts of the circulatory system are:BloodHeartblood vesselsthe meaning of each parts

What are 3 organs of the circulatory system?

There is only one major organ in circulatory system that is heart. Brain and lungs are not its parts they are parts of nervous and resperatory system. you may also see blood vessels as a part of circulatory system but its not an organ.

What is the role of the 5 parts of the circulatory systems?

Actually, there are only 3 parts to the circulatory system, and they are the heart, blood vessels, and the blood.

What are the 3 parts that make up the circulatory system?

Heart,lungs and cells.

What is the 3 major parts of the circulatory system?

heart blood blood bessels

What are the 3 major parts of circulatory system?

1.arteries 2.vien 3.capillaries

What are the 3 function of circulatory system?

the 3 function of circulatory system are heart,blood,and blood vessels

What 3 body systems go with the Circulatory system?

What 3 body systems go with the Circulatory system

What are the parts in the circulatory system including the arteries?

The human body has 3 main parts:The heartThe bloodThe blood vesselsSometimes people count the fluid lymph, and the vessels that carry it in them, parts of the circulatory system.A few of the parts of the heart are ventricles, arteries, valves, the septum, and the atria. The pumping sound of the heart comes from valves opening and closing.

What are the three distinct parts in the circulatory system?

1.heart- about the size of an adult fist 2.blood 3.blood vessels

What is the center of the circulatory system?

The heart <3

The three types of circulatory systems and their function?

the 3 types of circulatory system and their function

What are some body systems connected to the circulatory?

The body systems connected to the circulatory system are 1. Respiratory system 2. Digestive system 3. Muscular system

What are the three functions of the circulatory system?

The three functions of the circulatory system are: 1. the heart 2. the blood 3. and the blood vessels

What are 3 body systems?

The Nervous system, the Digestive System, and the Circulatory System are examples of 3 body systems

Compare the circulatory system of each of the three major classes of mollusks?

Not clear on which 3 classes are the "major ones", but Polyplacophorans, Gastropods, and Bivalves have an open circulatory system while Cephalopods have a closed circulatory system.

How many names does the circulatory system have?

the circulatory system has 3 names and all of which involve the suffix "gina". the three are mangina, vagina, and footgina

How is the circulatory system of an adult amphibian different from a fish?

their circulatory system is tottaly different from each other as fishes have sinple circulatory system and consists of single auricle and ventricle while all amphibians have double circulatory system and have 3 chambers of heart (one ventricle and two atrium).

What part in the circulatory system is important?

Well technically all of it. If you didn't have one part to it you would be dead. But their are 3 main parts to it, the heart, veins, and capillaries.

3 examples of how the circulatory system works with other systems?

The nervous system and the circulatory system work together in that the brain sends signals to the heart that cause it to pump. The circulatory system works with the excretory system because waste materials are transported by blood to the organs of the excretory system. The respiratory system is intertwined with the circulatory system, as the respiratory system provides oxygen for the red blood cells.

What are 3 tubes in the circulatory system?


Is the heart the only organ in the circulatory system?

no because it also have the blood and the blood vessels there are 3 kinds of blood vessels : arteries , capillaries , & veins each parts has an important functions to circulate the blood to the whole body without this part the circulatory system can not perform it's activity.

What are 5 characteristics of insects?

3 body parts one pair of antennae compound eyes mandibles thorax exoskeleton open circulatory system