4 List 5ways the Modern Olympic Games differ from the Ancient Olympic games?


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Well, firstly, they were nude in the Ancient, there were no medals (different prizes), their was completely different sports (Chariot Racing), only Greek cities took part, not countries, and only men were allowed to take part.

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how does the modern view differ from this ancient view

- They were playing in naked but right now they are wearing Olympic clothes. - Right now it changed lots of designs. - In Ancient Olympic they didn't had torch relay, in modern Olympic they have torch relay. - In Ancient Olympic they didn't had a flag, but right now we have the six colorful ring flag.

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If you mean the ancient Olympic games in Rome or Italy where ever it was then it is because they would compete naked to make sure they weren't a girl( because back then girls weren't allowed to compete in Olympic games) and it was also in the same place unlike nowadays.

What year did the first ancient olympic games take place

Modern Olympic Tracks are 400m, Ancient Tracks are 440 yards

the diffrence between modern and ancient olympics is that it was not as safe and many were killed in ancient olympics

In about 1877The first modern Olympic games were held on April 6th, 1896 in Athens, Greece.

Men competed naked for pride and there toughness and braveness.

Women are now allowed to compete and there is a Marathon and there is winter Olympics and many more sports and no going naked. Ancient Olympic and Modern Olympic has a lots of events.

The Ancient Olympic Games were held every four years, a tradition that continues in the modern era.

The pentathlon is a modern Olympics sport.

In ancient Greece Olympia was the venue for the games which took their name after this city: The Olympic games. They were not in Athens. The modern Olympic Games are different.

The ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC. The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic Games. This is a modern event that started in 1896.

The first Olympic Games of the modern era took place in 1896. They were held in Athens, Greece where they were held in ancient times.

The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens in 1986 but the the first ancient olympic games were held in Olympia 776BC

There is th Modern and ancient olympic games.

1896 was the year of the first modern olympic games (summer) and was held in Athens, Greece

the running, wrestilng, javilen and long jump are in the modern Olympics

The Olympic games originated in Ancient Greece where they were held every four years as a festival of Zeus. They were held from 776 to BCE to 393 CE. The modern Olympics revived these ancient games in 1896 and have been held off and on ever since.

because of the rules and reasons to compete

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