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Take a test if you are not pregnant you probably had delayed ovulation and your period will show soon. GL either way. Hiya! Cramping can be a sign of pregnancy and also a sign of a approaching period. I would do a pregnancy test to be certain. Good luck.

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Q: 4 days late on your period and you have cramping is that a sign of pregnancy?
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My period is 13 days late and I've be getting backaches headaches bloating and cramping am i pregnant?

You can miss your period in several cases including pregnancy, stress, medication, illness, etc. Bloating and cramping are more typical for late period but not pregnancy. Pregnancy test will be recommended.

Is 6 days late period and lower abdominal tightness a sign of pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, the period you miss you won't get at all. The abdominal tightness is probably just cramping from your period coming late.

Two weeks late then started cramping and bleeding lightly is this your period or pregnancy?

i think its pregnancy.

Different cramping during 1 week late periods?

Different cramping during your period isn't a indication of pregnancy hun. If you miss your period then perform a pregnancy test.

7 days late lots of cramping but no period pregnancy test negative could you still be pregnant?

It is not uncommon to have a late period and if you took a home pregnancy test the results are not always accurate. Go see your doctor to be sure.

Are you pregnant if im two days late on your period?

if period is absent for two days, means late period or pregnancy ,both. but pregnancy will be confirmed after weeks ,by pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you have have had cramping and lower stomach cramps for at least a week and you are 2 days late for your period?

You might be pregnant or you could be having the cramping because your period is about to arrive or preparing to arrive. You can do a pregnancy test now or wait 7 days and then test.

Your period is ten days late and all of your pregnancy test are late what can that mean?

How can a pregnancy test be late?

My period is not due for another seven days and im slightly cramping when should you take a pregnancy test?

for a for sure result id wait til your period is one day late

Is spotting and cramping a sign of early pregnancy if your 5 days late?

Maybe, but my guess is that you are stressed out or have been sick. Five days is nothing for a late period so when it is a month or more with other symptoms you may be pregnant.

2 days late cramping headaches lower back pains?

Take a pregnancy test

If your having cramping and your period is 2 days late what does it mean?

If it's possible you could be pregnant than take a pregnancy test because it could be pregnancy. If the test is negative or there's not a chance of pregnancy then it's probably just a late/missing period and nothing to worry about, but if you also miss your next period you should talk to a doctor

You are 12 days late for your period. took 3 home pregnancy test all 3 positive. day 12 started bleeding and cramping why?

miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy get to an ER

What if your period is only couple days late And you have felt nausea for a week But your PMS cramping And as of the day you were suppose to start your pregnancy test was neg Could you be pregnant?


What causes your period to be four days late?


4days late for period cramping but no period negative test has anyone else had this?

Hi As you are cramping this most likely means your period is on its way. Sometimes your period can go a bit crazy and arrive later than normal for you. However, if your period doesn't arrive in 7 days, perform another pregnancy test.

Your period is a few days late and you have cramping could you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a test

I am 3 days late for my period and have cramping and diarrha and feel like u do when you are on your period very bloated and gassy?

I'm in the same boat, sister! I have had cramping for the past three days, which is very unusual for me. I'm due to start my period today. Nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. If I were you I would take a pregnancy test within the next couple of days, if you haven't already (not sure when you posted this). Good luck!

Can you be pregnant if you were 4 days late for your period and have bad cramping?

You could be or your period is just delayed. Do a test to find out.

What does it mean if your head hurts and stomach cramping and period late three days?

Haven't Started

3 days late having cramps and headaches and heart burn?

I am 2 days late with cramping... I had a few pregnancy signs last week but figured it was in my head.... Still waiting for my period. I don't want to test and see a negative. Have you tested yet?

Could you be pregnant if you are having cramping around the time your supposed to start your period but you are NOT bleeding and now a day late?

You could be. Though cramping is usually a sign that you body is starting your period. Some girls have cramps for days before they start there period. Though if you worried take a pregnancy test anyway to make sure.

Is it possible to not be pregnant even though I am 6 days late and have cramping as if I had my period and very mild spotting please help I don't want to pregnant?

its possible u are and possible your not because, your 6 days late but take a pregnancy that's the only way to find out ....

Your period is 8 days late and you are cramping really bad is this a sign of pregnancy? No But you might need to go to the Doctor to get cheked out

What happen if a girl don't see her period in five late days?

She could be pregnant if she is five days late for her period. Consider taking a pregnancy test.