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only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...


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you put you're penis inside a womans vagina and go back and forth you ejaculate(cum) inside her and the sperm (cum) will impregnate the egg she has inside her

women cannot produce offspring but men can impregnate female humans

To impregnate the does ie get the does pregnant so little kids are born five months later.

The Penis goes into the Vagina to either have kids...Or to have sex both are the same

No she won't because she's sucking and not riding bro

No. They can turn the vagina into a penis with a urethra so you can pee and they either make it constant erect or I think they can put a balloon it so you can pump it up, not sure about that last part. Either way, to be able to impregnate someone you will need testicles and a prostate for the sperms and that can not be made. So you have to use a clinic or have sex with someone else to get pregnant.

That's better than average. Don't get too preoccupied with size. When you have bills to pay you will be more worried about feeding your kids than how big it is.

Yes it is anitomically correct. it is really icky. how do u think they have kids? dont leve the girl and boy dolls alone together ;)

Nope, they can only adopt. But an elderly male can impregnate a young adult or adult but it has a much lower effect.

a penis goes into a vagina and have fun then have kids

YES unless you have a penis

he has two kids dylan(girl) and riley(girl)

That depends on HOW young. Most kids become interested in the body of the opposite sex around 7 or 8. Then almost ANY girl would play with a Penis if given the chance, mans OR little boys. BUT, if a man lets a young girl play with his, he will go to prison if he's caught.

I believe so, considering they have both male and female parts they should be able to either impregnate a female or become impregnated by a male.

maybe but if you keep getting hit in the balls you will not have kids because your penis is sensitive from a pucnch or a kick

he is thinking about having kids and no he doesnt have kids yet

If you mean can kids have sex. then yes they can! But the girl wont be able to have kids!

it is a thing that kids should not no about and i am a kid so....... it is a tool 4 nsex

my girl,my girl 2, anger management.

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yes she had 2 kids one was a boy the other a girl

he had sex with a girl name crapppy and had 12 kids

yes he has kids two boys and one girl

katniss has kids with peeta mellark.she has 2 a boy and a girl.

He has two kids, a boy and a girl

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