5. How many Jews were murdered in each country and what percentage of the pre-war Jewish population did they constitute?


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how many jews where murdered in each county and what percentage of the pre-war jewish population did they consume?

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Heres the death toll of Jews murdered in the holocaustr by countryPoland3,300,000=Prewar Jewish population3,000,000= Number of Jews murdered90%= countries Jewish population deadBaltic countries253,000=Prewar Jewish population228,000= Number of Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadGermany & Austria240,000=Prewar Jewish population210,000= Number if Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadBohemia & Moravia90,000=Prewar Jewish population80,000=Number of Jews murdered89% countries Jewish population deadSlovakia90,000= Prewar Jewish population75,00083%=countries Jewish population deadGreece70,000=Prewar Jewish population54,000=Number of Jews murdered77%=countries Jewish population deadNetherlands140,000=Prewar Jewish population105,000=Number of Jews murdered75%=countries Jewish population deadHungary650,000=Prewar Jewish population450,000=Number of Jews murdered70%=countries Jewish population deadByelorussian SSR375,000=Prewar Jewish population245,000= Numbers of Jews dead65%= countries Jewish population deadUkrainian SSR1,500,000=Prewar Jewish population900,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadBelgium65,000=Prewar Jewish population40,000=Number of Jews murdered60%=countries Jewish population deadYugoslavia43,000=Prewar Jewish population26,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadRomania600,000=Prewar Jewish population300,000=Number of Jews murdered50%=countries Jewish population deadNorway2,173=Prewar Jewish population890=Number of Jews murdered41%= countries Jewish population deadFrance350,000=Prewar Jewish population90,000=Number of Jews murdered26%= countries Jewish population deadBulgaria64,000=Prewar Jewish population14,000=Number of Jews murdered22%=countries Jewish population deadItaly40,000=Prewar Jewish population8,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadLuxembourg5,000=Prewar Jewish population1,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadRussian SFSR975,000=Prewar Jewish population107,000=Number of Jews murdered11%= countries Jewish population deadFinland2,000=Prewar Jewish population22=Number of Jews murdered1%= countries Jewish population deadDenmark8,000= Prewar Jewish population52= Number of Jews deadTotal8,861,800= Prewar Jewish population5,933,900= Number of Jews murdered66.9604%=countries Jewish population dead

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You need to tell us what COUNTRY are you asking about.

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