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Q: 50 eggs were left outside in below zero temps. Can you still use eggs that have been accidentally frozen in their shell?
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Can pecans be frozen in the shell?

Why yes it can

How many electrons does neon have in its outside shell?

Neon has 8 electrons in its outside shell.

Can oysters be frozen in the shell?

According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, oysters in the shell can be frozen - but only if they are alive. See Related Links.

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Traditionally, it is made without a pie shell, and topped with mashed potatoes. Some people prefer it in a pie shell, however, and there is no reason why you can't use a frozen shell if you wish.

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yes... right in the shell

What is the electric field outside a charged spherical shell?

The electric field outside the shell is the same as it would be if all the charge of the shell was concentrated as a point charge in the centre of the shell.

Is it easier to remove an electron from the outside shell of a K atom than from the outside shell of a Na atom?


What is the outside of particles called?

the shell

What is the shell of a egg?

The outside of the egg.

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no its outside shell has 10/18 electrons

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The outside of an egg is called the shell.

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