5 Why did the South became the world's greatest cotton producer?

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Technological advancement like the cotton gin was a determining factor.
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How is cotton produced?

Cotton is from a cotton plant. It is grown in huge fields and the plants get fairly large. About this time of year the grower sprays the plant with salt or sometimes a defoliation chemical ( it stinks) and the plant dies. When this happens the cotton bolls open and a machine called a cotton picker c ( Full Answer )

What is the world's greatest invention?

The world's greatest invention is probably the wheel. Just thinkabout how much we use them in society and where our world would bewithout them. - Indoor plumbing is another revolutionary life changing invention

Where is cotton produced?

Cotton grows in warm climates and is mostly grown in the U.S., the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, and India. Other leading cotton growing countries are Brazil, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Why man as the world's greatest parasite?

This is a big mistake. Do all human beings are parasites. There are many people who work for the world. If people can be trained to be useful. Ethics training. Science. Art. But if the person is untrained. Is worse than a parasite.

Who is the world's greatest genius?

Well, it depends as this is a context sensitive question as if you're referring to an Intellectual Quotient test than Ms. Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest recorded IQ in history at 230. Meanwhile, if you're referring to the greatest genius of all time was allegedly Albert Einstein whose IQ was quo ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest soccer team?

The world's best soccer team is BARCELONA, they have skills, they have talent, and they have amazing teamwork. Also I hear their skills are improving and they are winning a lot more. LEEDS UNITED are the world's greatest. Here are 5 reasons in no particular order of importance: 1. They managed t ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest classical composer?

Having heard William Camilleri's music on his website. I decided to write to him and ask to meet this composer. It was more than I could have ever imagined! Not only did I find out that William is completely self taught and never studied a note of music but also discovered he was an incredible piani ( Full Answer )

Who are world's greatest band?

there is not a greatest. That is a opinion of your own choice. my opinion is the beatles or the rolling stones.

What is the world's greatest problem in future?

The Worlds' greatest issue, currently, is Global Warming. Global Warming - the direct result of carbon emissions going into the ozone layer and deteriorating it, thereby letting in more of the Sun's harmful rays - is heating up the Earth, rapidly, and melting the polar ice caps, causing the rising s ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest guitarist?

It's really a matter of personal opinion. If you were a metal fan you might say that Kirk Hammett or Kerry King is the greatest. If you were a rock fan you might say that Buckethead or Slash is the best. If you liked folk you might say Paul Kelly is the best. All guitar players, famous o ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest hero?

the worlds greatest hero is a singlle mother of five my lovely mom i love her so much shes always their for me no matter what and i have to think my God for her i love him also heis real no matter what no one says weve come so far by faith leaning on the lord halelujah!!.

Who is the world's greatest serial killer?

Ted Bundy. actually in the us Charles cullin killed a confirmed 40 compared to 35 confirmed on ted bundy but if we go by numbers of victims Christman Gniperdoliga killed 964 men between the years 1568-1581 after robbing them in the Roman empire area

Who is the world's greatest drinker?

The world's "greatest" drinker would, by definition, also be the world's stupidest drinker. There are many who vie for the title, but no one has yet been crowned.

Who is the world's greatest hunter?

Well the answer to your question has a lot of answers. All depending on the type of hunting you are asking about.

Who was the greatest conqueror of the world's history?

It is a complicated question, but in terms of land area, Genghis Khan conquered far more than anyone had ever done before, and his Mongols were the only people in history to conquer not only China, but Russia as well.

Who are the world's greatest guitarist?

It's really a matter of personal opinion. If you were a metal fan you might say that Kirk Hammett or Kerry King is the greatest. If you were a rock fan you might say that Buckethead or Slash is the best. If you liked folk you might say Paul Kelly is the best. All guitar players, famous o ( Full Answer )

Who was the world's greatest skiers?

Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden who won 86 world cup competitions and several gold in the olympics. For more skiers see "What are some famous skiers names?"

Where is the world's greatest engineering marvel?

While there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to THE greatest, someof the greatest are The Millau Viaduct in France, the Venice TideBarrier Project in Venice, the Three Gorges Dam in China, theNational Stadium in China, Palm Island in Dubai, the Large HadronCollider in Switzerland, the Channel Tunne ( Full Answer )

Who are regarded as the world's greatest leaders?

Obama. Degeneres. Gates. Speilberg. The Dalai Lama. Oprah. Mohammed. Melissa Etheridge. Terry Fox. Einstein. Eleanor Roosevelt. David Suzuki. Jesus. Princess Diana. Gorbachev. Martin Luther King. JFK. Harriet Tubman. Steven Lewis. Ghandi. We have researched the Secrets of the World' ( Full Answer )

Is Kohinoor the world's greatest diamond?

Kohinoor is a 105 carat (21.6 g) diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world and belongs to Mughal Empire. However, the Golden Jubilee Diamond is crrently the largest faceted diamond, at a fairly massive 755.5 carats (151 grams) before discovery; it was cut to 545.7 carats (109.1 g ( Full Answer )

Who are the world's greatest Mathematicians?

There are hundreds of mathematicians, from all over the world, at the highest level who have made contributions to all areas of mathematics. To list them all together would be exceedingly difficult. However, further information can be via the related links.

What was the world's greatest sea battle?

The battle that laid the seeds of HMS Dreadnaught and the first World War: The Battle of Tsushima fought on 27 May 1905; histories only decisive clash of modern steel battleship fleets.

Who was the world's greatest tennis player?

For Males: What about the Rocket?? ... Rod Laver?? Even Federer regards him as "the greatest" of all. Then there is Roger Federer himself - with the record number of total Grand Slam singles titles to his name already?? Of course, though, he is nowhere near being the calibre of doubles player that ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest sword fighter?

In terms of surviving through at least 60 duels, some of them against multiple opponents, and three major battles Miyamoto Musashi is probably the world's greatest sword fighter.

Was there cotton in the south?

There was almost nothing else. The lucrative cotton trade depended on slave labour, and the planters were ready to go to war to defend the 'peculiar institution'.

Who is the world's greatest doctor?

This question may arise controversy. However, if any doctor is to be named as the greatest it is Dr. Christian Bernard who first helped in delivering test tube baby in the world. The greatest doctor should have qualities like his inborn adroitness in instant diagnose of disease apart from humanitari ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest spokesperson?

Billy Mays, who many saw touting the advantages of OxiClean on television, was a great spokesperson; some think he was the greatest. Please see the related link below to read more about Billy Mays.

Who is the World's greatest driver today?

its hard to decide due to the wide range of different drivers and different sports they do personnally I would say Sebastian Loeb who's broke loads of records in WRC winning it 8 times. Hes also won races but never pursued a full season!

What is the World's Greatest Hostel?

The Tucan Hotel in Uvita, Costa Rica. Safe, Clean, Gorgeous. Plenty of outdoor activities. It has the best restaurant in Latin America. Just awesome!

What is the world's greatest challenge?

That probably depends on who you are, since different things are challenging to each of us. Having a loved one die might be top on the list of things that would be greatly challenging for all people. Living a happy life, while having a sustainable income and a good social life. Other possibil ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's coal does south Africa produce?

The percentage was 3.6 in 2011, according to a statistical review of world energy published by a leading multinational oil and gas company in 2012. The review places China first (49.5 %) and the United States second (14.1 %) on the list of the world's coal producing countries. South Africa is placed ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's greatest biologist?

Carl von Linnaeus of Sweden, (1707 - 1778) would be a strong contender for the title on account of his work on creating a systematic system for classifying living organisms. (There are various spellings of his name due to changing circumstances in his lifetime) In this regard he would be very ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the song 'The World's Greatest'?

R & B singer/songwriter R. Kelly wrote and recorded the song 'The World's Greatest.' The song was written for the movie 'Ali' soundtrack, and it reached #31 on the Billboard R&B chart.