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give five examples of music

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Andante music refers to music at a moderately slow place. There are some examples of andante music. They are featured in many piano pieces and Sonatas by Mozart.

Hitsquad music software. (

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Examples of partitive nouns for the uncountable noun 'music' are:a piece of musica sheet of musica sound of musica chord of musica genre of music

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Examples are : talking on the phone,listeninig to music

fact:country is a type of music opnion:my favorite type of music is jaaz

Vocal music is a genre of music performed by one or more singers, with or without instrumental accompaniment. On the other hand, instrumental music is produced by playing a musical instrument. -no examples- >:D

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There are plenty examples of the band "White Zombie" music. Some examples are More Human Than Human, Thunder Kiss, and also the song Super Charger Heaven.

The answer changes constantly, as "contemporary music" refers to music of the present. Very soon, music of the present becomes music of the past. When that happens, the music is no longer contemporary.

Some examples of good sources of Christmas music are the websites NoelNoelNoel, 8Notes, and GardenofPraise. You can find more good sources of Christmas music at iTunes.

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Music that is popular; on the radio. Examples: Rhihana, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, etc.

Any rap or hip hop music or r and b music

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Beyonce music videos can be purchased online and in some stores. Examples of online sources for Beyonce music videos include Amazon and iTunes whereas Walmart and HMV are examples of where you can purchase her CDs, which often include music videos.

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