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1.Ingredients and dishes vary by region. There are many significant regional dishes that have become both national and regional.2.Traditional foods include duck, many patés and terrines, saucisson(dried sausage), crêpes, even couscous(the dish)3.Staple foods are steak hache, a lot of canned vegetables, rice, couscous(the grain), lots of cheeses, baguette(french stick bread), pasta(especially with carbonara sauce) and ham.4.Common fruits include: oranges, tomatoes, tangerines, peaches, apricots, apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grape, blackcurrant.5.Varieties of meat consumed include: chicken, squab, turkey, duck, goose, beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, rabbit, quail, horse, frog and snails.6.French regional cuisines use locally grown vegetables such as: potato, carrot, leek, turnip, eggplant, zucchini and shallot.
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What are facts about the french revolution?

Some causes of the French Revolution are that, they had a lot of economic problems. It was also influenced by the Enlightenment and the American Revolution. There was also political and social inequalities. A huge public debt, two consecutive years of bad crops due to weather, a lack of wheat, gr ( Full Answer )

Facts about Mexican food?

Corn or maize ( Zea mays ), tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ) and cocoa ( Theobroma cacao ) - the later used to make chocolate - are the three most important crops introduced from Mexico to the world. All three were domesticated, or brought from wild shrubs and plants into farmable crops, by ( Full Answer )

Funny french facts?

A funny fact would be that once a cow was sentenced to death for injuring a person.

Is french fries French food?

hahaha. no,, there made from potatoes. French fries is not french food. French fries is actually from Belgium. It we're Belgians who spoke french but that's it.

What are facts about food in the 1800s?

Food in the 1800s was generally whatever could be grown in aparticular region. Families raised animals for food and grew fruitsand vegetables. During the cold weather, food that was preserved inthe summer helped carry the family through until crops could againbe grown.

Fun food facts?

here are a few fun food facts .. an apple a day keeps the doctor away , carrots make you see in the dark and make your eyesight better ,, beans make you toot . prune juice makes you poo when you cant ( constipation ) a tomato is a fruit not a vegetable . fish is good for iron . orange ( Full Answer )

What is a fact French Guiana?

An interesting fact is that they celebrate a holiday called Bastille Day, which is on July 14.

What are facts about the french horn?

French horns are typically used in orchestras as a role that are similar to trumpets: to act as a fanfare-like "battle call" instrument. They can be loud or soft, which make them very versatile instruments and of all the instruments in the brass family, the French horn is said to contain the most am ( Full Answer )

What are some french facts?

the river Seine is 776km long the Eiffel tower is a tourist attraction in France they eat snails in France the colours on the flag are blue white and red they speak a different language to us!

What are facts about a french horn?

well there is two types of them. there is a double horn and a single horn. they have 3 valves/keys and are a little difficult playing for beginners.

Facts about french fries?

one fact about french fries is that they were created in Belgium theyre called and they are made from potatoes.

Are their facts about french schools the diffricens?

the french schools are different in many many ways . . 1- they only go to school mon ,tues ,wed morning, thurs , frid ,sat moning. . they have a 2 hour lunch break . most student go home for dinner an d have a 3 course meal with their family but if they are at school they also have a 3 course ( Full Answer )

Do you have any facts about Jackie French?

1.You researh her. 2. are you fans of Jackie fench 3. Lame , Jamike french thinks she is lame read frist word of each fact it says: You are lame

Facts about french toast?

It wasn't actually made in France. Some think it was discovered in a Italian-Latin recipe book in the 4-5 century: the Apicius, It was simply entitle (translated from Italian) "Another Sweet Dish". In Germany it is called Armer Ritter , which means poor knight. Back in Medieval times the knights di ( Full Answer )

What are some gross facts about food?

You eat at least 20 bugs a year when you eat your food.. One of the most common red food dyes is called carmine and is made of ground beetles.. Many soft drinks that are canned are stored in large warehouses. Rats are frequently found in these warehouses. Rats in these warehouses climb over the to ( Full Answer )

What are facts about french foods?

Some fatcs on French Food are French people eat approximately 500,000 snails per year. There are between 350 and 400 different types of cheese available in France. The famous Petit Suisse ("little Swiss cheese") is not actually from Switzerland, but from France. In 2004, France produced 56.6 mill ( Full Answer )

What are facts about the Aztecs food?

5 facts on Aztec food are: 1 they used chilli peppers to flavour things 2 they're main food was maize. it was a bit like corn 3 they grew crops like maize, beans,avocados, peppers and tomatoes 4 tortillas were a type of maize pancake. tortillas were a main food source 5 at feasts, they wou ( Full Answer )

What do French have for food?

The French dine on mostly baguette, which is basically the French bread one purchases at a local supermarket (With butter and jam), Cheese with fruits (one of their over 400 cheeses), Soup, Croissants for special occasions, Chocolate, French fries(and yes this is true), escargots, which is their fam ( Full Answer )

What are the main facts about Sikh food?

In Sikhism , only vegetarian food is served in the Gurdwara , but Sikhs are not totally bound to be meat-free. The general consensus is that Sikhs are free to choose whether to adopt the vegetarian or meat diet [1] , although once baptized by taking Amrit , some minority sects of Sikhs ( Damd ( Full Answer )

What are some French Bulldog Facts?

French Bulldog Temperament . The French Bulldog is an intelligent, lively, playful, and affectionate dog that makes for a delightful companion or family pet. This mild mannered breed loves people, loves to get involved with family play and activities, and loves life. Sweet natured, humorous, and ( Full Answer )

What are facts about a French town?

French towns are: - often old. It is not unusual for a French town or village to be one or two thousand years old. Some houses in town centers are centuries old. - In the older towns the streets are narrow and not convenient for cars. - inner cities are an expensive place, and the outskirts are les ( Full Answer )

What is a fact about the French language?

The French language is the language of love. The French language is much harder than Spanish. The French language is much prettier than Spanish. The French language is much more fun than Spanish. Answer: The previous answer is opinion, not fact. One fact is that French is a romance lang ( Full Answer )

What fun facts are about a french horn?

There are a lot of fun facts about the French Horn, but here are a few: . The French Horn is obviously a member of the Brass family of instruments: constructed of brass (or at least metal) tubing, sounded by a brass-style (lip-reed) mouthpiece. And yet, while it sits easily in the Brass Quintet a ( Full Answer )

What are 2 facts about the french horn?

-It's the only brass instrument played with only the left hand. -It can be played in either a brass ensemble or a woodwind ensemble.

What are facts about french horns?

-It's the only brass instrument played with only the left hand -It can play in a brass or woodwind ensemble -It consists of 12 to 13 feet of metal piping

Is the food baguette a French food?

I think you mean a baguette, which is a long thin loaf a french bread. It is commonly made from basic lean dough. It is distinguishable by its length, crisp crust, and slits that enable the proper expansion of gases.

What are facts about low fat foods?

Low fat is not always low calorie or healthy! Snackwells, a popular cookie sold during the "low fat" fad, has lots of sugar and refined starch. Eat a moderate amount of unsaturated, unprocessed fat every day.

What are facts about ancient roman foods?

Ancient Romans drank a dark drink which evolved to Chinotto, it contained herbs and sugar and was carbonated, Chinotto is a modern Italian drink which is widely believed to be the forerunner of Coca Cola, the inventor of coke borrowed his idea from chinotto whilst on holiday in Italy, except like al ( Full Answer )

What are facts about French?

bout 650 people a year end up going to the hospital after sliping on dog poo There are more dogs then people when the Eiffel tower was first built, it was temporary and most people hated it When Asian people go to France they often freeze or faint in shock of the rudeness of the country ( Full Answer )

What are facts about organic food?

organic foods are good for people that are allgeric to things like eggs.... like me, orgainc eggs are better for me, they have more natural ingradtiants....

What are three facts about kosher food?

It needs to be fro ma kosher animal. It needs to be prepared with uncontaminated items. It must be supervised by a Jew who is certified to do so.

Can someone tell you at least facts about french food?

- Bread was the most common food for centuries. It is still eaten in large quantities, especially for breakfast. - French bread that you buy in a bakery cannot contain any fat or preservative. It is made only of flour, a pinch of salt and yeast, and water. - French have more than 400 sorts of ch ( Full Answer )

What is the fact about french colonialism?

"Naturally" robberies, murders, riots, mess, genocides, imposition of norms, rules and customs, slavery, injustices, imprisonments etc.. - all these of course more by the invaders... (the natives and the slaves normally could not do the same, not even having proper means!).

What are facts about french cuisine?

For one, the croissant is not french, but actually originated from an Austrian/Turkish war where the Austrians, more specifically from Vienna, wanted to eat the Turks for breakfast so to speak, therefor creating a fluffy crescent, similar to that of the Turkish flag.

FOOD fact or fiction?

Fiction, there is not food. Its all a US government conspiracy to make us think we exist.

Fact against junk food?

High trans-fat content - predominantly greasy - high in sugars - low nutritional value - expensive... etc

What facts are about a french horn?

The most common types of French Horn are the single horn, which is generally used by beginners, and the double horn. The single horn is usually in the key of F, and is lighter and simpler to learn. The double horn is actually two horns combined--the single F horn plus additional tubing and a fourth ( Full Answer )

Is Italian food french food?

no they are totally different but some sorts of food is teh same eg, crossaints and cornetto are teh same thing but cornetto is italian and is a lot healthier. Italian food is like the french but uses better ingrediants and is a lot healthier for you

What is a healthy food fact?

well if you eat right stay, active, and do sit on your butt all day then you will be ok. maby eat fruit , veggies, but lay off the the sweets.

What are facts about the French?

they speek a different language. they eat snails. they eat yucky mucky stuff and they have a cool theme park with rides you can sit on

What were facts about the Fourth French Republic?

The Fourth French Republic was the republican government of Francebetween 1946 and 1958. It was in many ways a revival of the ThirdRepublic, which was in place before World War II.

What are facts about the fourth french republic?

Some of the most important facts about the Fourth French Republicare that France achieved great economic growth as it rebuilt itssocial institutions and industry.

Facts about the french and indian war-?

There are a few facts about the French and Indian war. Some of themain facts about both wars are that this war lasted for 7 years andthat the British is the one that declared the war.