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Probably a broken moter mount.

2006-07-26 15:15:15
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What is wrong with your starter on 99 Chrysler Concorde sounds like its hitting something?

Could be hitting something. Better take it in and have it looked at.

What is a character who does undergo a change throughout a story?

dynamicA way to remember is that dynamic sounds like something is moving and static sounds like stagnant which is not moving^^^^^hahahaha dynamic doesnt sound like something is moving. lol. it sounds like dynamic.

I Hear a knocking sound in your engine sounds like pistons are hitting something on a 1993 Ford Escort GT what can it be?

you may have trown a rod.

How does the African drum make the sounds it produces?

By hitting the drum

Why doesnt my msn sound work when everything else does?

Go to 'Sounds and Audio Devices' from the Control Panel. Maybe something there is set incorrectly.

Is haizt a Japanese word?

No. It doesnt have he correct syllabols to be Japanese, so no, it isn't Japanese. It sounds European though, it might be German or something.

Is my english bulldog deaf?

if it doesnt respond to loud sounds or sounds in general, yes

What sounds do swords make when hitting another sword?


What is Sound of stone hitting water?

The sound of a stone hitting the water sounds like PLOP. Be sure to check out The Rapping Buddha on YouTube.

Why would Heat shield rattle when cold?

The shield sounds like its loose all the time. When metal heats up it expands causing it probably to rub on something instead of hitting a object. jaybird1980

What makes the snare drum sound?

It sounds like another person hitting a different person.

Is bleeding dark red blood a week after period normal if you had deep sex a day before deep as in hitting cervix?

No I would make a point of seeing a doctor about that it sounds as though you may have damaged something,

Why doesnt the sub come when the amp has power?

Sounds like a blown subwoofer.

How hitting the head of a drum with a drumstick creates sound?

cause the drum make all of kinds of sounds

How do bats fly without hitting things?

Because they identify the things in front of them before hitting them & change their path. They do this by sending ultrasonic sounds in the surrounding,which come back 2 them after hitting objects and they create a map i n their mind using this information.

Difference between two sounds of the same pitch?

The sounds are coming from different areas and hitting different ear locations. It's all how the mind calculates it once signaled.

Where do red onions come from?

they come from north sounds strange doesnt it yep i no

How would you set up a table showing the loudness of different sounds?

by taking water bottles and hitting it with spoons

What does mimcry mean?

mimicry is when something looks or sounds like something else some birds can mimic human sounds (like parrots) some animals can mimic other animals' sounds

What do you do if you like a guy but he doesnt see the real you just the looks?

Well that means you cant have any kind of relationship with him apart from a kiss at a disco or something. If you wanna do that fine, but otherwise leave it, he sounds like a dick

What are the disadvantages of the imperial system?

the name is too long and it sounds like poo. and it doesnt work

Where is the g-power on the bakugan trap?

It doesnt have Gs, I know it sounds crazy but they dont.

What are the sounds you hear while cooking?

maybe a blender, oven beeping, microwave, or pots and pans hitting each other

What do you do if you replaced the battery and starter on 2000 Honda Accord and now the starter sounds like it is hitting something but car won't turn over to start?

Starter is not seated properly and is cocked sideways. Remove and reinstall, making sure it is fully seated.

Why is piano a tuned percussion instrument?

Because the sounds are created by the hammers hitting the strings after the keys are played. A harpsichord, which looks a lot like a piano, is not a percussion instrument because it plucks the strings rather than hitting them.