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yes chances are your pregnant if i was you id go to the doctor and see if you can take a pregnancy test and if it comes back positive well ................................ that can either be a good or bad thing depends on who the babys dad will be and if you think he'll take care of it

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What are the symptoms of TB?

swollen neck lymps,felling unwell,felling cold

What are symptoms of discontinuing birth control?

you'll get cramps. you will also have irregular bleeding, sometimes spotted sometimes heavy. felling of emptyness low in your stomach. sometimes headaches.

What are the four type of ptsd SYMPTOMS?

Reliving the event / Avoidance / Numbling / Felling keyed up

What is Felling?

Find out what is felling

Could you be pregnant if you're more irritable more tired but still have a period?

It is possible to be pregnant and still have periods,tiredness irritableness are all symptoms too. also felling extreamley hungry,emotional. I really think the best solution would be a home pregnancy test and see what happens. Talk to your doctor if your worried Good luck.

How can a female tell if she's pregnant?

If the woman has not had her mothly period then she knows she is pregnant also if shes been moody lately, not eating as often ,felling tired most of the time

Could you be pregnant you had a test but they all come bk to be negative some had a faint line you have sore breasts sore nipples felling sick and being sick and ive not come on your period now 5weeks?


What are the sintomes for diabetes?

the symptoms for type one diabetes feeling dehydrated and urning excesivly with drastic changes in mood or behavior and felling tired a lot.

Is the word felling used?

There is no word "felling" unless you meant: FEELING 1. the function or the power of perceiving by touch. 2. physical senation not connected with sight, hearing, taste, or smell. felling tree felling, felling trees: the action of cutting down trees

Do you spell felling?

'Felling' is correct, meaning cutting down of trees.

When was Matthew Felling born?

Matthew Felling was born on June 25, 1973.

When was Felling Metro station created?

Felling Metro station was created in 1984.

What can you feel at an amusement park?

You can feel adrenaline, butterflies in your stomach, or fear. [ which i will NEVER feel ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you can also feel g-force (when you expiriance positave g's you get the felling in your somach) you can also feel negative g's (weightlesness felling) and inertia (being sucked in different directions).

Can you have felling of throwing up on your first few days of your pregnancy?

Yeah you can, my mom knows she is pregnant the day after it occurs, she starts throwing up immediately.

I am 19 weeks pregnant and why does my belly feels hard?

Dont worry. It's supposed to be. It will get harder and bigger and if you haven't felt your baby move you will be felling it soon

What is the birth name of Matthew Felling?

Matthew Felling's birth name is Matthew Tate Felling.

A drawing that captures the felling of motion is called?

The drawing that captures the felling of motion is called a motion art .

Felling or stress?


Can I get pregnancy symptoms in the first week after intercourse?

well its rare you really dont start felling most symptoms 4 to 6 weeks after conception, but your first vital sign is missing your period, but tou can also miss your period when you stress and when you are sick also its confusing lol

Hi i always have 7 to 10 day periods since i was 11.but for the last 2 months i got a 3 day period could i be pregnant i have been felling sick.nauseated sleepy loss of appetite but some carvings?

Yes, you are pregnant.

Can pregnancy symptoms be felt 1 week before expected the period?

depends what they are, the most noticable first symptoms is one missing your period, than about for weeks after you have conceived you may notice urinating more frequently, and breast tenderness, but these can be easily mistaken for pms symptoms and if you are felling these a week before your expected period it could be very possible it is pms

How do you avoid felling of trees?


What felling word start with a?


What is the definition of cutting tree?


i caught a tremendous fish and held him beside the boat what is this a felling of?

proud is the answer for apex

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