7 month old Australian red heeler is it a good family dog?

1. If you have enough space. We had a heeler on half an acre and he escaped many,many times.

2. If you have the right kind of fence. Privacy,high chain link and concrete or brick are the best. Heelers can dig and if they are very strongly motivated,they are very good at climbing chain link.

3. If you are prepared to break them of nipping (if they are not already trained out of it).

4. If you are prepared to surf website after website,in search of that one piece of information that you need.

5. If you a prepared to try many training techniques and have many fail.

6. If you are ready for a dog that could live to be twenty or more.

7. If you are prepared to teach them that strangers are their friend and cats are not chase toys.

8. If you are ready for an active dog.

Then you are ready to welcome a heeler into your home.

There are many positive things about heelers.

Let's just say that:My dog is my best friend. He has saved lives in little ways. he is a joy to have around and I would trust him with my young sister any day.